Avaya partners with Televerde to improve customer service and lock in sales

new avaya logoAvaya announced a new partnership with Televerde, a leader in B2B demand generation and inside sales solutions that helps the company better serve potential clients and improve sales.

A role model for modern businesses, Televerde’s U.S. contact centers are staffed almost entirely by incarcerated women. After providing these women with valuable training and skills which help them prepare for life after prison, Televerde provides career opportunities, mentoring and a host of life, wellness and community resources once they complete their sentence. Recidivism rates for women who have worked for Televerde drop from national averages well above 50 percent to less than eight percent.

Avaya is proud to support an organization that is empowering women by helping them determine what kind of leaders they want to be as they work to prepare themselves to transition back into communities. Additionally, in just four months of working with Televerde, Avaya has already seen an increase in new business opportunities.

While Avaya used to employ different customer service models for its various business units, partnering with Televerde allows the company to provide a consistent global customer experience across all areas of the company. Now, no matter how a customer wants to contact Avaya, Televerde delivers a best-in-class experience to Avaya customers and prospects across all customer contacts; web chat and other channels.

On the backend, Televerde’s ability to integrate with Avaya on a global scale ensures agents adhere to a single, efficient process for tracking and reporting across all business units. This gives campaign managers a consistent and comparable view into campaign performance, allowing them to make informed decisions on the fly and quickly scale the program up or down globally.

“As a global leader in customer engagement solutions, we equip our clients with the technology they need to provide their customers with an outstanding experience. Televerde allows us to provide that same level of service excellence to our clients at that vital first touchpoint — consistently around the globe — while also supporting a great cause.” – Morag Lucey, CMO, Avaya

“We are thrilled to be working with Avaya, a purpose-driven company with incredible resources and a reputation for success and excellence. We thank Avaya for seeing the merit in how we work, who we work with, the value we deliver and supporting the empowerment of women from all backgrounds. We look forward to partnering with the company to continue to improve their customer experience and overall sales results.” – James H. Hooker, President, Televerde