Quovim C3 Acquires Workforce Management & Customer Experience Consulting Firm, SSA Solutions

Quovim C3, a provider of Contact Centre and Unified Communications solutions and consulting services, announces the acquisition of Montreal-based SSA Solutions, a leading Workforce Management consulting firm with an impressive list of customer accounts in customer engagement and workforce optimization.

Representing the company’s first acquisition, this follows substantial year-over-year growth, expansion into the U.S., an expansive new office in downtown Montreal and the acquisition of numerous technology-forward, customer-focused new clients.

“As part of our growth strategy that includes expanding our product and service offerings, we are pleased to welcome the SSA Solutions team and look forward to integrating their knowledge and expertise into the Quovim C3 fold,” said Pierre Lemoine, Co-Founder and President of Quovim C3. “We have always referred to SSA Solutions and their competent team as an unofficial sister company. On numerous occasions we have relied on their expertise in workforce management and customer experience to enhance our customer offering. Now, we can add their expertise in workforce management to our growing product and professional services portfolio, enabling Quovim C3 to provide a comprehensive solution package. In the end, our clients will benefit the most from this acquisition.”

SSA Solutions provides solutions and services that help workforce management, contact centre, help desk and back office teams improve operational efficiency through customer experience optimization, training, as well as, guided assistance in the evaluation and implementation of Workforce Management solutions, such as Aspect Software. “Spearheading the new Quovim C3 workforce management division backed by the entire SSA Solutions team is an opportunity for our two complementary companies to merge unique product knowledge and expertise in a way that clients can turn to one provider to improve their contact centre operations and customer experience,” said Isabelle Côté, former President of SSA Solutions.

In addition to established partnerships, Quovim C3 will now add Aspect Software to their solution offerings. “For more than 18 years, SSA Solutions has been a reputable and highly-qualified Aspect partner,” said David Herzog, SVP Worldwide Channels, Aspect Software. “We welcome this new relationship with Quovim C3 as we view them as important contact centre software integrators and service providers. Their impressive list of clients across North America and customer-focused approach strategically aligns to our core mission to help companies create better experiences for their customers and the employees who serve them. We look forward to strengthening this partnership in the foreseeable future.”

With Quovim C3 currently developing a new cloud focused solution for the Canadian market, Aspect’s enterprise cloud contact centre workforce optimization platform will play an integral role in Quovim C3’s overall strategy to expand its cloud-based offerings.


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