Speakeasy AI Announces Enhanced Next Generation Reporting with SE Analytics 2.0

Speakeasy AI announced the release and general availability of version 2.0 of its industry leading voice AI reporting system. This latest release works seamlessly with Amplify™ customer journey reporting and the Speakeasy AI administrative console to help enterprises access voice intent insights across the breadth of voice customer journeys and engagements, while enabling the quickest update cycle in voice automation history.

SE Analytics 2.0 empowers Speakeasy AI users to tailor voice reporting to track KPI’s segmented by business areas, projects, and any other custom data points. Once a report and dashboard have been created, the produced charts or tables can be embedded within other applications with publishing that is dynamically updated. This approach ensures reporting within the enterprise voice channel isn’t siloed and operates within the full spectrum of the customer journey.

“We set out to create reporting that would help fulfill our mission to allow enterprises to fully integrate the best components of a voice, AI and data ecosystem,” said CTO, Moshe Villaizan.

Data sources for SE Analaytics 2.0 can be databases, API calls or anything that can be transformed into an object. And because there is no fixed object relation, customer relationships can be set within the application to pull data and build queries from multiple tables that are related by a set property or properties. This level of customization and flexibility is the next generation of voice of the customer reporting. The full narrative of customer intent with voice is now available to businesses, and the presentation of this narrative is entirely customizable, shareable and easy to integrate with other systems.

“IVR reporting has never lived up to the promise of an authentic view of what customers are trying to do within voice,” said Chief Customer Officer, Kyle Scofield, “Moshe and our team have raised the bar with SE Analytics 2.0 by handing over the keys to the vault of voice automation, unlocking true customer intent.”

“Our latest release, combined with Amplify™ can enable better, easier voice experiences. We believe that’s the key to successful AI driven voice CX,” said CEO, Frank Schneider.

SE Analytics 2.0 will be available to customers during Active Listening phase as well as with the full delivery of the Speakeasy AI solution.

About Speakeasy AI

Our mission is to make it easier for businesses to understand and respond to their customers’ needs in voice with AI. We accomplish this mission by using the world’s first and only Speech-to-Intent™ solution. Combined with our end-to-end reporting, our solution provides real-time insights into understanding customers’ intents, needs and outcomes. And since an AI platform is only as good as it’s improvement cycle, we enable rapid updates to ensure wins are delivered on the day you launch. With our voice AI solutions and our team’s proven expertise, we work tirelessly to provide better voice experiences and deliver understanding as a service. Learn more at http://www.speakeasyai.com.