Blue Diamond Growers Go Live with Conversational Online Self-Service Using Astute Bot

Blue Diamond Growers recently launched a new customer self-service chatbot on its website using AI-driven virtual agent technology from Astute. In its first month, the new Blue Diamond bot has assisted close to 6,000 consumers in finding answers to questions about products, coupons, recipes and more.

In addition to giving consumers the ability to self-serve, the bot deflects high-volume, repetitive questions away from the contact centre and enables agents to focus on engaging with customers.

Blue Diamond’s consumer advocate group receives a high volume of contacts each month related to simple questions about coupons, product flavors, allergies, ingredients, and recipes. Lisa Diehl, Blue Diamond’s Consumer Advocacy Manager, saw an opportunity to provide a quicker, easier way for consumers to get answers to their questions. “Using the bot simplifies the customer journey because it enables our consumers to find answers without needing to pick up the phone,” said Diehl.

Astute Bot is an award-winning conversational self-service interface driven by natural language processing and narrow AI. It allows consumers to have conversations with brands to complete a variety of interactions across many devices and channels, including web chat, messaging apps, and voice-based virtual assistants.

Since launching the website chatbot last month, Blue Diamond has exchanged more than 9,000 messages with consumers, delivering correct answers with a 90% accuracy rate. As the AI continues to learn and identify questions that don’t yet have an answer, the accuracy rate will only increase. In addition to providing conversational self-service experiences, the bot is also surfacing valuable insights that can be used across the organization, including by the marketing, web development, and product teams.

“We’re pleased with the chatbot’s progress during its first month, and look forward to seeing it continue to improve the customer journey,” Diehl said. “Astute Bot is a great solution for companies that want to leverage what artificial intelligence can do, even if they’re just at the beginning of their AI journey.”

“There’s nothing better than seeing our customers succeed.” said Ray Carey, Astute CEO. “Blue Diamond provides a textbook example of how to successfully augment their current processes with always-on, always available digital service. We’re confident their approach will ensure their continued success.”


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