Bouygues Telecom Deploys NGDATA SmartVideo to Enhance and Personalize the Customer Experience

NGDATA™, the customer experience management solutions company announced that Bouygues Telecom, a leading French mobile phone, Internet service and IPTV provider, is using NGDATA SmartVideo to enhance the effectiveness of its customer service and experience initiatives.

As one of the largest telecom companies in France, Bouygues sought to reduce the number of inbound calls and subsequent support tickets, all the while increasing customer satisfaction, as measured by Net Promoter Score (NPS). Bouygues is using NGDATA to produce a personalized SmartVideo program that pre-empts common customer questions by anticipating issues and situations before they occur, and educating and informing customers on their specific Bouygues products/services.

The goal of the SmartVideo initiative at Bouygues Telecom is to offer a support service that’s adapted to individual customer needs—the result is a significant reduction in the volume of calls to its call center and wait times, and improved customer satisfaction.

“We offer an exceptionally wide range of products and services, but we discovered that customers weren’t fully retaining the information they needed through the telephone alone,” says Carmine Muscariello, Director of Fixed-Line Customer Quality Operations at Bouygues Telecom, “NGDATA’s SmartVideo is a highly effective vehicle for providing useful, customized information that customers will remember. In our view, any interaction with the customer is extremely important, so it needs to be appropriate and personalized to contribute to the best possible customer experience.”

NGDATA SmartVideo is part of the company’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) which is an end-to-end content delivery solution that captures and uses all customer data–i.e. products, services, account details and preferences–to generate highly personalized videos. NGDATA’s dynamic Customer DNA drives the insight behind the personalized elements of a SmartVideo and can be used to display meaningful data in the form of dynamic graphs, charts, maps and more.

The videos can be used to confirm appointments for technical services and guide customers towards additional informative resources. NGDATA’s Customer DNA attributes are used to personalize both the video’s visuals and audio to each customer, leveraging data such as the customer’s name, type of technical issue, if an appointment was made, the appointment details and a temporary solution for the customer’s issue.

To date, Bouygues Telecom has seen tremendous engagement between customers and SmartVideo, including:

  • 83 percent of customers are interested in viewing SmartVideo
  • 67 percent watch it completely
  • 69 percent follow the link at the end of the video for additional information

“Companies that share key information through custom-tailored videos that draw on customer data report higher levels of engagement and improved customer satisfaction,” said NGDATA co-founder and CEO Luc Burgelman. “Data-driven videos can be used in every phase of the customer journey, and that opens up impressive prospects for Bouygues Telecom. We’re proud to be supporting them in their campaign to improve the customer experience.”

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