Grupo Anfi Selects Avaya’s All-In-One Multichannel Contact Centre Solution

Grupo Anfi, one of the most important vacation membership companies in Europe, has trusted its communications to Avaya by implementing Avaya IP Office at its two call centres.

Grupo Anfi offers luxury lodging and real estate around Europe, including timeshare facilities. The group runs two call centres, Anfi Vacation and Anfi Customer Service – both of which function as key contact and follow-up centres for the group’s clients. With the call centres in need of an upgrade, Grupo Anfi turned to Avaya and its partner, Mistral TIC.

“In the past we had a small switchboard with important technical limitations. We had lots of difficulties to create line hunt groups, change client’s rotation systems, plus the high maintenance costs”, explains Josué Ramirez, Systems Manager of Grupo Anfi. “We needed an upgrade and we found in Avaya the sturdiness and flexibility to meet our needs.”

The group opted for Avaya’s latest IP Office solution, which not only provided maintenance cost savings, but also provide VoIP capabilities and high availability. The all-in-one flexible IP Office platform helps to improve the customer experience and contact centre agent efficiency by adding powerful, affordable, multichannel functionality for voice, email, web chat, SMS, and fax to the contact centre, and turns a cost centre into a profit centre by using agent downtime to automatically initiate outbound upsell calling campaigns.

Among the system features, Ramirez highlights the sturdiness and flexible capabilities that enabled the group to create a multi-lingual survey system to gauge customer feedback. Available in seven languages, and taking note of the country the customer is based in, the system schedules callbacks to customers so that they can take the survey. The survey is recorded in a database and supervisors can access results through a web server within 15 minutes.

The Sales Department has also benefitted from the implementation, providing sales employees with the tools they require to conduct client follow-ups. Rather than relying on land line or mobile phone numbers, the system assigns each customer an identification number, making it possible for the group to create customer profiles.

“This change has been very important for us to consolidate sales and client satisfaction improvement since it enables data monitoring,” said Ramirez. “We are certain that we chose the right solution since we can now achieve this development on demand, which was unthinkable with the previous systems.”

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