Concentrix Accelerates Deployment of Omnichannel Conversational Virtual Assistant Solutions

Concentrix, a leading business services company, announced today significant enhancements to its Conversational platform with the release of Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) 12.0. Users can now interact in a conversational manner without being limited to a fixed set of automated system responses. This delivers a faster, easier, and more efficient interaction across multiple channels, such as chat or messaging environments.

Customers can now say or text what they need and drive the conversation with the system, instead of being constrained by traditional IVR menus and prompts. They can ask any question at any time, and there are no incorrect responses. For example, if a bank IVR asks a customer, “How much money do you want to transfer?” the customer can reply, “How much do I have in savings?” This contextual understanding enables the IVR to fulfill customer requests and transition seamlessly between topics without asking unnecessary questions.

The Concentrix platform, formerly known as Intelligent Voice Portal (IVP), allows companies to deploy Omnichannel, NLU-based, conversational Virtual Assistant solutions that deliver personalized, contextually relevant customer experiences across all channels. IVA leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance customer understanding, correctly classify their requests, and successfully predict their choices. IVA can further enhance the customer experience by acting autonomously on the customer’s behalf between direct interactions. For example, IVA can detect unusual account activities and alert banking customers well in advance of their monthly statements.

“Concentrix is uniquely qualified to handle customer interactions across agent, IVR, Chat, Web, and other channels,” said Kathy Juve, SVP High Value Services at Concentrix. “With IVA, contact centres can seamlessly move customers to lower cost self-service channels to help achieve a higher return on investment for their digital channels.”

Concentrix research shows that over 67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking with a representative, and messaging is becoming increasingly popular—especially among younger population segments. With IVA, customers can engage with a virtual assistant via text (SMS or within a messaging app).

“The convenience and flexibility of mobile messaging is a real game changer for customers, as well as for contact centres,” said Juve. “If an agent queue is experiencing long wait times, you can give callers the option to transfer to a mobile chat session, without losing their ability to escalate to a live agent, if needed.”

About Concentrix

Concentrix, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE: SNX), is a leading business services company. We focus on customer engagement and improving business outcomes for over 450 global clients across six continents. Our 225,000+ staff deliver technology-infused, omni-channel customer experience management, marketing optimization, digital consulting, analytics, and back-office solutions in 40+ languages from 125+ delivery centres. We serve technology; consumer electronics; media and communications; retail and e-commerce; travel and transportation; and energy and public sector clients.