Nuance Voice Biometrics to Boost Customer Experience and Security at Allied Irish Banks (AIB)

Nuance announced Allied Irish Banks (AIB) – Ireland’s largest bank – is the first in the country to make access to customer service more seamless and secure by leveraging Nuance’s market-leading fraud-preventing biometrics technology.

AIB has deployed Nuance’s Security Suite within their Contact Centre enabling customers to simply speak to verify their identity when calling. Customers who opt in for this service are authenticated by saying “My voice is my password.” The caller’s voice must match the enrolled unique voiceprint tied to his or her account when speaking to a Customer Service Advisor.

“We continually look for ways to improve the overall experience for our customers and often security is a key friction point. We have seen how much our customers love the convenience of biometrics when using our Mobile App, so we were keen to leverage the latest voice biometric technologies in our Call Centre. We are proud to be leading the region, implementing this innovative voice biometric technology for our contact centre customers. AIB’s new Voice ID service offers more convenient authentication, as with a reduced need for customers to answer security questions on every call. This means not only a better, more secure experience for customers, but also enables our customer service team to focus on helping customers with their real banking needs,” said Sean Jevens, Head of Digital Channel Development at AIB.

“At Nuance we are focused on providing flexible, high-impact, enterprise AI solutions that allow our customers to modernize customer experience and we are proud to support AIB with making their service more intuitive, powerful, and profound,” said Brett Beranek, Head of Security & Biometrics at Nuance Communications. “By deploying voice biometrics, AIB will innovate the service experience and fight fraud, while at the same time driving down contact centre cost,” he added.

AIB is the first bank in Ireland to join the growing list of leading enterprises successfully leveraging Nuance’s biometric solutions. Customers from a diverse set of industries such as Australian Taxation Office, ICICI Bank, Santander, RBS, TalkTalk, Vodafone Turkey and Deutsche Telekom have deployed Nuance’s Security Suite to easily authenticate customers and prevent fraudsters from gaining illegal access to customer accounts or information.

For more information about the Nuance Security Suite, go here.

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