NICE Announces Engage Version 6.12 Providing Innovative Capabilities for Compliance and Privacy

NICE announced the availability of its Engage platform version 6.12, comprising enhanced features to investigate and prevent violations of privacy related regulations. The latest version focuses on boosting the efficiency of IT teams in charge of compliance and offers multiple benefits to business users, ultimately enabling them to gain further visibility into their recording activities.

The NICE Engage platform version 6.12, along with its Compliance Center, further asserts the company’s strategy to provide the best data processing practices in the contact center through innovative evidence keeping, consent gathering and management of personally identifiable information (PIA). With do it yourself (DIY) capabilities, the platform allows IT and business users to carry out speedier investigations and proactively assure that their recording system behaves in full compliance with the most stringent regulations, laws and standards impacting the contact center – whether it be GDPR or GDPR-related, PCI DSS, MiFID II, HIPAA, CFPB, FTC, TSR, and more.

Dick Bucci, Principal, Pelorus Associates, said, “With increasing privacy-oriented regulations, leading contact centers find themselves depending on innovation to ensure compliance and structure a privacy policy, as they need to include clear definitions of what legally and ethically constitutes personally identifiable information. My research has shown that the new version of NICE Engage is ahead of the pack with its wealth of features for recording and compliance.”

Pelorus Associates is a consulting firm focused on the contact center and public safety communications sector, providing services to over 30 companies based in five countries.

Miki Migdal, President of the Enterprise Product Group, NICE, said, “It is innovative features such as those launched in this latest version of the NICE Engage platform that have allowed us to boast over 1.5 million Advanced Interaction Recording (AIR) channels worldwide. Version 6.12 demonstrates our continued commitment to delivering user-centricity, security and resilience as well as unprecedented scalability – all key features that have made the platform a success. Whether it is GDPR or derivative regulations in Canada, Brazil, Japan, or other countries, contact center leaders rely on NICE to deliver leading edge solutions that allow them to provide unparalleled customer experiences while ensuring compliance and data security at the highest level.

About NICE

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