Bucher + Suter’s Connects Now® Certified in the ServiceNow® Store

Bucher + Suter AG has received certification of its app with ServiceNow, which is now available in the ServiceNow Store. Certification by ServiceNow is only granted to apps available in the ServiceNow Store and signifies that the product has successfully completed a set of predefined tests related to Now Platform™ security, compatibility, performance, and integration interoperability.

The certification also ensures that best practices are utilized in the design and implementation of b+s Connects with ServiceNow.

b+s Connects is an out-of-the-box integration between Cisco Contact Centre and ServiceNow that allows agents to handle contact center interactions and manage their state, all within a gadget embedded in the ServiceNow framework.

Placing interaction control inside of ServiceNow-where ITIL method and service data resides-gives agents a 360° view of customers while streamlining workflow. Native tools, such as rules and agent desktop, improve contact center efficiency by empowering agents while also making it possible for administrators to reap the rewards of the Now Platform™. This increased efficiency translates into savings and customer/employee satisfaction.

“Our design priority is to help companies create really positive customer experiences. That means effectively managing 1:1 interactions with incredible customer journey tracking. The Now Platform™ is an essential part of that process. A fusion of horizons is taking place in which customers and businesses are increasingly integrated in a single ecosystem of life and commerce. I believe that ServiceNow, and integration for ServiceNow, needs to be a part of that new customer-business reality.” – Martin Wüthrich, CEO Bucher + Suter

Bucher + Suter – http://www.bucher-suter.com

The Bucher + Suter team is dedicated to creating tightly integrated CTI & Omni-Channel solutions designed to maximize the value of the Cisco platform. Our goal: to save our customers time and money with each and every customer contact. The result: transparent, powerful, and elegant connectors from contact center to back office that optimize efficiency and software utilization.