Freespee announces the first-ever contact centre app that’s 100% powered by data

Freespee, the cloud communication platform company that helps consumer brands better engage and convert online customers, is proud to announce the launch of Freespee Talk.

Talk is the first-ever contact centre app that’s 100 percent driven by customers’ online activity. It will help businesses streamline their operations and keep their customers happy – in a cost-effective way.

The Freespee Talk Interface

Freespee Talk turns contact centres into dynamic environments that are fuelled by real-time data. It includes call tracking, predictive call routing and granular data collection. The app takes insights gathered by the customers browsing experience and displays this information for a call centre agent via a simple, visual interface.

Most contact centres operate on basic information; i.e. the numerical options a customer chooses on a keypad when they call.

But an agent using Freespee Talk gets extended customer insights when they pick up a line, including:

  • Where the customer is calling from – which also determines how the call has been routed
  • What device they’re calling from – so the customer’s level of patience can be assessed
  • Their previous internet browsing and calling history – so a call handler knows what previous interactions the customer has had with the brand
  • The page the customer is calling from – whether it’s a specific product or a complaint page.
  • Freespee Talk – How an incoming product-related call will look to a call centre agent

By assigning dynamic phone numbers to specific product pages and campaigns, a call can be routed to an agent responsible for that particular audience segment.

These call handlers will be trained to answer queries. This helps increase the conversion rate across the sales funnel, from browsing to the point of purchase. This is particularly relevant when big-ticket items like cars or real estate are being considered.

How an incoming product-related call will look to a call centre agent

A call centre manager can also temporarily expand their inbound team and adapt to call influxes by using resources in the right way. All of this is without the need for extra costs, as Talk is a cloud service that can be easily upscaled, or altered, without massive infrastructure changes.

Belron, the world’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement group, has been an early adopter of Talk for the last two months. This implementation has helped the firm streamline its day-to-day operations and improve its conversations with its customers.

“Freespee Talk lets us tap into a rich seam of contextual data within voice interactions between us and our customers – and lets us use machine learning and AI to empower our agents. It takes care of the entire customer conversation process, giving us rich data on their browsing and intent, so the only thing left for the agents to do is what they do best – speak to customers,” commented Sean McMahon, CRM Digital Solutions Manager at Belron.

“Seeing the outstanding results that our client Belron has achieved during the product trial was very exciting. We are now delighted to be able to take the next step and launch Talk to the wider market” added Anne de Kerckhove, CEO, Freespee.

Freespee is bringing its intuitive, data-powered app to all of its customers. Built for businesses who wish to turn the web into a revenue funnel, Talk will help companies identify browser intent, improve the customer experience and accelerate sales.

About Freespee

Freespee was founded in Uppsala, Sweden in 2009 by product designer and software engineer Carl Holmquist and Tobias Lindgren, with a vision to make brand conversations more impactful.

Freespee offers a cloud communication platform that makes marketing, sales and service teams better at what they do. The company powers millions of conversations and has become an integral tool for companies worldwide to better understand and bespoke consumer journeys and accelerate sales conversion.

At Freespee we believe that every consumer deserves a personalised and fulfilling conversational experience. We do this by bridging the gap between a consumer’s digital journey and the conversation through contextual data. Our platform enables best in class call tracking, unified communication tools, predictive call routing and automated sales and CRM workflows. With Freespee, you can track prospects from a campaign to the final sale.

Led by CEO Anne de Kerckhove, Freespee has over 90 employees in 5 offices across Europe and is growing over 70% year on year. Freespee is backed by leading European investors including Verdane, Sunstone, Ventech and Inventure.

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