Findability Sciences launches FP Reply™, a new AI service to manage high volumes of inbound emails

Findability Sciences, a global AI solutions company announced that it has has launched FP Reply™ to complement its portfolio of AI solutions. FP Reply™ applies the cognitive capability of the Findability Platform® to automatically deliver actionable email messages in response to customer contact originating online.

FP Reply™ allows customer service and support departments to reduce cost and increase efficiency by automating interactions with artificial intelligence. FP Reply’s email mechanism offers flexibility through asynchronous interaction. Delivering “always on” conversational computing to consumers in a manner that conforms to their schedules offers greater convenience and control by eliminating the need to remain on the phone or online to get the answers or information they’re looking for.

“FP Reply™ naturally extends the utility of the Findability Platform® by generating human-like interactions to help organizations improve service quality and drive sales through increased customer satisfaction,” said Suresh Shakkarwar, EVP and Head of Products at Findability Sciences. “Automating customer contact with timely email exchanges assures a consistent customer experience that can be achieved at a greatly reduced cost. And because FP Reply uses cutting edge conversational AI and continues its learning with each interaction, the quality and relevance always remain high.”

“This new turnkey offering is consistent with our mission to put the power of artificial intelligence in the hands of managers,” said Ken Wollins, VP of Sales and Marketing. “A significant portion of the 200 billion emails sent every day is for support and service inquiries. For customer facing companies, each touch point is an opportunity to maintain the affinity for their brand they invest so heavily in. Email is ubiquitous, and by making it easy for customers to get important answers and information in the way they prefer and wherever they are, FP Reply™ lets businesses enhance customer communications without having to expand their support operations.”

FP Reply™ is available today and can accommodate the processes of a range of industries and functions. Customers are typically up and running within a few weeks

About Findability Sciences

Findability Sciences applies the power of big data, cognitive computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) in its core product: the award-winning Findability Platform®. The Findability Platform makes use of its proprietary technologies to add context to data and incorporates self-learning capabilities to deliver turnkey solutions to major global corporations in the insurance, retail, manufacturing, financial services, trading, healthcare, and transportation industries.

The Findability Platform’s unique framework makes it possible for business executives to achieve AI competency in just weeks with minimal expense and without dependence on data scientists.

The Findability Platform:

• Unifies structured, unstructured, internal and external data to maximize the value of data assets
• Automatically generates predictions from diverse datasets to create leading indicators in areas such as raw material costs, finished goods pricing, risks of fraud in financial services, and maintenance needs more accurately than ever before possible
• Enables conversational computing to provide humanlike interactions through chatbots and virtual agents
• Produces applicative insights that let marketing executives identify and cater to various consumer personas based on their personalities, needs, and values