RiverStar Releases QueView, an Integrated Email Handling Solution for NICE InContact

RiverStar, a contact centre software and custom applications solution provider announced the release and general availability of its QueView software application. QueView runs within the NICE inContact application, and provides custom responsiveness and better control over email queues by allowing supervisors and agents to assign emails to agents based on availability, skill or any other criteria.

“We’re thrilled with the release of QueView,” said Bob Fike, RiverStar CEO. “QueView delivers organizations utilizing the inContact platform with a number of critical benefits — including the ability to answer emails rapidly and with greater accuracy, close cases faster, increase SLA adherence, and better leverage agent expertise and areas of specialty.”

Historically, contact centres have struggled with email response time, as emails often go into a generic queue or get assigned to available agents that lack expertise to respond to a specific issue. QueView solves this problem by automatically routing inbound emails into customized queues based on specific topics — such as support, sales or general questions. Instead of pushing emails to a specific agent who may not be trained (or available) to handle a topic, the emails go into queues where available agents can choose which emails they wish to respond to based on priority, time-sensitivity, topic or any other criteria.

“QueView is yet another addition to our suite of integrated inContact applications that drive significant benefits across the entire organization,” said Fike. “Organizations using QueView can expect to see increased productivity, reduced call time, increased sales and improved business visibility. More importantly, RiverStar applications dramatically improve customer interactions, retention and loyalty.”

RiverStar’s suite of integrated solutions for NICE inContact include solutions for campaign management, customer interaction tracking, reporting, notifications and alerts, survey development, appointment scheduling and workflow automation.

To learn more about QueView, visit http://www.riverstar.com/queview or connect with RiverStar on the NICE inContact CXexchange Partner Network at https://cxexchange.niceincontact.com.