C3i Solutions Taps Avaya Omni-channel Contact Centre Solutions To Offer Differentiated Services

Avaya announced that C3i Solutions, a HCL Technologies company, has implemented Avaya communications solutions, turning its contact centre into a next generation omnichannel digital engagement and personalization centre with the flexibility to increase innovation and improve customer experiences.

With more than 150 diverse clients, many among the Fortune 500, C3i Solutions is a leading business process outsourcing (BPO) company supporting over 35 million omnichannel interactions annually in 175 countries via its customers’ communications channels of choice.

C3i Solutions has unique requirements that mirror their client’s diversity, global presence and an increasingly complex network of business integrations. C3i needed a stable, flexible and integrated contact centre solution. Avaya satisfied the demanding compliance and documentation requirements – a complex matrix of client, industry and governmental regulation. C3i Solutions replaced its legacy systems in phases to maintain the flexibility to meet clients’ exact needs and provide a customized experience for every unique client , while easing the burden on its Technology team by consolidating six solutions to one and capturing cost savings through reduced operational and support burden.

“Consumers expect to engage wherever, whenever, and however they prefer,” Michael Dean, CTO, C3i Solutions. “We partnered with Avaya for the experience and flexibility to drive innovation and deliver customized contact centre solutions to our clients and their customers. The combination of Avaya capabilities affords us the platform to remain a market leader in offering innovative, robust, and reliable solutions—and do so more quickly than ever.”

“At Avaya, we strive to create powerful yet simple communications and collaboration solutions to fit the individual business needs for each of our customers,” said Chris McGugan, SVP Product and Technology, Avaya. “We are proud to have provided C3i Solutions with solutions to create a better experience for their customers today and a clear path to embracing emerging technologies that can contribute to their competitive advantage with every client service opportunity going forward.”

To learn more about how C3i Solutions is using Avaya technology and innovations, visit https://www.avaya.com/en/case-studies/c3i-solutions/.

About C3i Solutions

C3i Solutions, an HCL Technologies company, is a multi-channel customer engagement services provider, specializing in global, high-touch consumer, patient, and end-user management. For the past 35 years, its unique, multi-channel approach and experience in highly regulated industries have made the company the partner-of-choice for some of the world’s most trusted brands. With a strategic focus on innovation, C3i Solutions excels at protecting clients’ brands, while maximizing productivity and cost efficiency.

About Avaya

Businesses are built on the experiences they provide, and every day millions of those experiences are built by Avaya (NYSE:AVYA). For over one hundred years, we’ve enabled organizations around the globe to win – by creating intelligent communications experiences for customers and employees. Avaya builds open, converged and innovative solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration – in the cloud, on-premise or a hybrid of both. To grow your business, we’re committed to innovation, partnership, and a relentless focus on what’s next. We’re the technology company you trust to help you deliver Experiences that Matter. Visit us at www.avaya.com.