Q&A from Diego Parasecoli, Technical Operations Manager at Aruba

In this Q&A Diego Parasecoli of Aruba discusses with Directors’ Club Newswire on why Aruba decided to work with Kingston Technology…

1. What challenges were you trying to address ahead of selecting Kingston Technology Solutions?

Offering our customers the best possible service is one of Aruba’s primary objectives. To achieve this, we must rely on a trusted and flexible storage solution manufacturer. With Kingston Technology, we have been able to offer more reliable servers and become more competitive in the Italian market.

2. Why did you decide to work with Kingston, and why did you select these specific solutions (if the solutions could be listed that would be great)?

We decided to work in partnership with Kingston because it offered the best compatibility and reliability with our servers.
Our goal is to continue to expand and increase our services, and Kingston is able to support us by providing reliable and quality memories, which use a hardware architecture that leading manufacturers (OEMs) continue to develop and market.

3. What has been the most recent deployment, and what has been the impact of this?

The most recent implementation we have carried out is a ten racks customer infrastructure. With Kingston, we are more competitive on price while maintaining high reliability.

4. Were there any challenges encountered during the installation process – if so, how were these addressed?

In various occasions, we have been faced with the need to install systems with high memory capacities, in a very short timeframe. Kingston has always managed to provide us with the required material in time.

5. What would you say are the key benefits of the solutions?

For over ten years, we have found both reliability and quality in Kingston as a partner able to support the performance of our services. The Kingston memories have an excellent degree of compatibility with the servers we use and good reliability, which allows us to reduce the stops due to failure.

Kingston, through its solutions, guarantees functionality, compatibility and scalability, thus allowing the company to respond to varying requests from customers with greater flexibility.

6. How far has the system future-proofed your organisation?

One of the upcoming future requirements, in all industries, is customer service. With Kingston’s ability to provide hardware quickly, coupled with efficiency in responding accurately to questions on optimising hardware solutions, Aruba has been able to continuously improve its customer service.

7. Are there any trends you expect to see within the data centre space going forward?

In the near future we expect more and more requests for architectures based on virtualisation/cloud and that systems must have faster memories in order to always offer cutting-edge solutions.

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