Richmond Systems launches ‘COVID-proof’ upgrade to richdesk support centre with integrated remote access solution

Leading UK independent software vendor Richmond Systems has launched a new version of its ITIL-compliant richdesk helpdesk solution, combining its innovative helpdesk and portal functions with richremote, the company’s remote access and remote control support offer.

The ultimate in remote access software, richremote enables customer service teams to take control of unattended PCs, servers and enabled devices, helping customers address and troubleshoot problems. With COVID-19 forcing many businesses to adopt a remote working set-up to keep staff safe and comply with government guidelines, richremote is a game-changer for home and remote-workers, allowing them to access office-based devices from anywhere in the world, using PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

The latest version of richdesk represents the company’s ongoing investment in a solution that gives customer support teams the power to operate efficiently, effectively and with the minimum of downtime. A new email service, active directory integration and the ability to clone customer portals, providing personalised portals to different customers are amongst new benefits for richdesk users, helping them effortlessly improve their customer service delivery.

Eric Wright, Managing Director at Richmond Systems said: “For over 30 years, Richmond Systems has led the way with innovative solutions for helpdesk, cross-platform remote access and remote control. Integrating richremote – our remote control and access tools – into richdesk as part of Version 15 was a no-brainer. We’re focussed on helping businesses develop remote working as part of their core business strategy. We’ve got cost-effective, proven and effective software that can transform the way people work in a post-COVID world.”

Now in its fifteenth iteration, richdesk features Brute-Force attack prevention – new controls that allow administrators to control login attempts before an account is automatically locked out, shoring up the security of the system. Dashboard filter criteria give customer service teams more control over dashboard chart metrics, including recording the method used to log incidents (such as specialist, email or web), making managing demand and performance easier. Additional controls for automated incident updates are now included and this time-saving automation helps teams keep on top of incident recording and resolution.

Customer feedback has been positive, demonstrating that Richmond System’s continued commitment to investing in the ultimate customer support solution continues to win hearts and minds. Chris Phillips, Managing Director of CJP Broadcast Service Solutions Ltd said: “richdesk is at the heart of our customer service and support operations. Operating in the capacity of a Type 3 system support provider to broadcasters and TV studios, we have adapted the application to support Broadcast systems and installations. We rely on richdesk to keep our customers operation supported, updated and running efficiently. As an adopter of ITIL methodology within our workflow operations, we view richdesk as the perfect choice for support teams and we’re already seeing the plus points from the latest version. The ability to integrate the portal and helpdesk function with the remote access tools is excellent; given the need for remote access because of COVID-19, this is exactly the sort of innovation that is helping us meet the challenge of ‘the new normal’”.

Richmond Systems has commissioned Europe’s leading independent test lab, Broadband-Testing to undertake a review of Version 15, looking at all aspects of richdesk to assess ease of use, performance and accuracy. The review will be available shortly for download. Founder and Director, Steve Broadhead, commented: “As someone who, firstly, used to manage the support of an entire UK IT infrastructure and, secondly, has been using Work From Home (WFH) technology for over 30 years, the key to supporting remote users is simplicity. The remote control technology here embodies that sentiment and the customer service portal is in a different league to anything else we’ve seen. Buy it as an early Christmas present for your support team.”