Frost Radar™: European Customer Experience Outsourcing Services, 2020

The global customer experience (CX) outsourcing services market is challenged by commoditization. Consequently, outsourcers are deploying advanced technology-enabled solutions and working with partners from across the ecosystem to differentiate in the fragmented marketplace.

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Over the years, the focus has shifted from cost and labour arbitrage to customer and agent experience enhancement. Technology has a significant role in helping companies meet evolving customer demand as change is primarily driven by customers who prefer digital solutions.

In Europe, the CX outsourcing services market has some unique requirements in terms of language and demand for nearshore / onshore capabilities. The market has witnessed a shift with innovations across technology and business models.

Greater reliance on partnerships and the ecosystem are also imperative to growth. Working closely with partners and clients, many of whom are long-term associates, helps outsourcers to initiate innovation in a multi-vendor environment and retain relevance. The radar™ reveals the market positioning of companies in an industry using their Growth and Innovation scores as highlighted in the radar™ methodology.

The document presents competitive profiles on each of the companies in the radar™ based on their growth, innovation, and a small discussion on their positioning. The analyst examines hundreds of companies in the industry and benchmarks them across 10 criteria on the radar™, where the leading companies in the industry are then positioned. Industry leaders on both the Growth and Innovation indices are recognised as best practice recipients.

Author: Deepali Sathe

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