Verint Introduces Digital Behavior Analytics

Verint® announced the addition of Digital Behavior Analytics to its Experience Cloud solution, creating a deep, insightful, and comprehensive view of digital customer interactions. The new solution captures and tracks millions of clicks, gestures, taps, and other actions so organizations can see and analyse how customers navigate digital properties, automate how they find and fix problems, and vastly improve bottom-line outcomes.

Forrester Principal Analyst Maxie Schmidt wrote recently* that companies “need to go beyond surveys… [and] start mining other data that gives you a sense of the quality of the experiences your customers are having”. Thousands of organizations in every industry—from retail and banking to public sector and utilities—use Verint Experience Cloud to connect data from across the customer journey and create best-in-class experiences. By merging insights from contact centre and chat sessions, customer-initiated web feedback, flexible surveys, and now digital behaviour into a unified dashboard, CX teams are empowered to make tactical, operational, and strategic actions that improve loyalty, conversion, and other important KPIs.

“With the addition of Digital Behavior Analytics insights, clients see and act on customer activity in a way that’s never been possible,” says Verint’s Kevin Daly, global vice president and general manager, experience management. “By fully visualizing customer pathways, hesitations, and barriers as they happen, and quickly automating analysis, businesses save untold hours of time and can clearly prioritize and drive customer experience decision making.”

New Levels of Customer Detail Drive Strategic CX Actions

The unique value of Digital Behavior Analytics is its ability to make customer data more actionable. It does this by visualizing experiences at the aggregate level across online assets and capturing and integrating replays with customer feedback and other experience insights. Web and IT support, digital operations, and product management teams can all leverage the tools to speed how they find and fix issues and optimize digital experiences.

To learn more about Verint Experience Cloud, click here and for information on Digital Behavior Analytics, click here.

About Verint Systems Inc.

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*Forrester Blog, Go Beyond Surveys to Measure CX, Maxie Schmidt, Principal Analyst, April 15, 2020