Verint Announces Automation Solution to Improve Retail Banking Customer Experience

Verint® announced an integration of its Cloud branch workforce management solution, CloudCords™, with TimeTrade Scheduler to streamline online appointment scheduling in retail banking. TimeTrade Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of online intelligent appointment scheduling software.

Verint Branch Workforce Management enables banks to forecast demand and schedule the right mix of bankers across the entire network to help meet service, efficiency and revenue goals.

Customers can schedule appointments online with their local retail branches using TimeTrade Scheduler and branch managers can then view employee calendars and manage staffing through Verint’s Branch Workforce Engagement software. The integrated solution synchronizes customer appointments and scheduled staff availability into a single calendar. By automating the appointment and shift scheduling workflows, banks are able to increase workforce productivity with fewer errors resulting in a better customer experience.

“Providing customers with easy and efficient access to a variety of banking experts continues to be the hallmark of excellence in the retail banking experience,” said Bill Clark, CEO, TimeTrade. “The integration of TimeTrade’s intelligent appointment scheduling solution and Verint’s market-leading workforce management offering helps banks to optimize those expert resources and maximize customer satisfaction.”

Verint’s Cloud Branch Workforce Management solutions accurately predict customer demand and work content, align staff roles and capacity with market opportunity and increase sales and service effectiveness. Branch Optimization services offer customized process improvement and optimization services driven by advanced analytics to enable intelligent brand transformation.

“Striking the right balance between operational efficiency and delivering exceptional customer experience has never been more important in the banking and financial services industry,” says Verint’s Jim DeLapa, general manager, Verint Branch Workforce Management. “Automating and simplifying the appointment and shift scheduling workflows not only improves workforce productivity but also helps reduce schedule conflicts and errors that could lead to customer frustration.”

Learn more about Verint’s Cloud Branch Workforce Management, here.

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