Cogito Announces The AI Coaching System for the Enterprise

Cogito, the leader in AI Coaching Systems for the enterprise, announced a significant leap forward in its human-aware technology. With meaningful enhancements, including a novel approach to AI called Signal-Based Machine Learning, Cogito’s coaching system understands human behaviour, provides personalized contextual guidance and powerful insights throughout the call centre ecosystem.

“The last few years have seen incredible disruption for employees and customers alike. Enterprises that deeply understand and respond with empathy and heightened emotional intelligence will lead their industries for a long time to come,” said Josh Feast, CEO and Co-Founder of Cogito. “The overwhelming shift to work from home has left employees isolated and customers disconnected, highlighting the need for technology that understands and supports empathic interactions. Our AI Coaching System augments each employee to help them remain motivated and engaged, no matter where they are. It provides novel behavioural insights to organizations to deliver empathy on an enterprise scale — something that just wasn’t possible before.”

Organizations are tasked with supporting newly structured and located teams and clients in a way that fosters positive customer interactions and delivers results. This has led to the emergence of the Empathic Enterprise, organizations that prioritize the well-being of their customers and employees by ingraining emotional intelligence at all touchpoints, ultimately leading to greater engagement and better business outcomes. The remote work environment has made it more difficult to establish and maintain empathy at scale and has accelerated the need for technology to bridge the gap between physically distant humans. This environment has increased demand for the AI Coaching System, which is designed to systematically understand and guide professionals based on their unique strengths, weaknesses and circumstances.

New capabilities include:

More powerful human-aware guidance and insights: Enhanced guidance is based on the unique combination of behaviour and real-time word detection, allowing organizations to harness the power of both what is being said and how it is being said. More intelligent, contextually sensitive AI models detect and learn from language and the corresponding behaviour.

Enhanced Signal-Based Machine Learning: Cogito has pioneered a new machine learning approach involving the use of novel neural network models, specifically designed to enable incremental, real-time inferences on streamed signal data. This approach is critical to providing continuous, extreme low latency measurement and contextually appropriate in-the-moment intervention on a massive scale.

Unparalleled integration with the modern call centre ecosystem: Through the addition of enhanced application programming interfaces (API’s) and the recently announced integrations with cloud-based telephony systems Amazon Connect and Five9, organizations can deploy Cogito’s AI Coaching System with greater ease and at a lower cost. With these integrations, organizations can provide human-aware insights directly to people as well as other systems within the enterprise, making those systems more human-aware.

Optimized support for remote workers: Cogito has adapted the user experience and guidance to better enable at home agents to work on laptops or single monitors. Supervisors are empowered to virtually “walk the floor.” Cogito monitors the behaviour of call centre agents and notifies supervisors when a team member could use additional support to help reduce fatigue, avoid burnout or increase engagement.

New AI enabled services:

  • Cogito’s Models-as-a-Service (MaaS) offers behavioural models that are trained, deployed and maintained based on a client’s unique data and business needs. By leveraging MaaS, clients can get novel insight into their employees, customers and operations, including measuring attributes such as trust, compassion and motivation.
  • The Cogito Center of Excellence helps foster a community of experts within a given organization accountable for improving business outcomes by embedding emotional intelligence throughout, including a strategic roadmap for realizing company goals and recommendations for business capabilities to drive outcomes.

To learn more about the new AI Coaching System, click here.

About Cogito

Cogito’s AI Coaching System augments professionals enabling organizations to deliver empathy at scale. The human aware technology instantly analyses hundreds of behaviours within conversations to provide live in-call guidance combined with a real-time measure of customer experience. Cogito is augmenting thousands of phone professionals in the world’s most successful enterprises – increasing revenue, enhancing service and elevating the quality of care. Cogito is a venture-backed software company located in Boston, MA.

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