Serviceaide Announces Integration of the Luma Virtual Agent with its Point of Business Service Management Platform Newly Acquired from Wendia

Serviceaide, Inc., a global provider of intelligent IT and enterprise service management solutions, announced availability, and seamless integration, of its Luma 2.5 virtual agent on the Point of Business (PoB) platform, a customer-acclaimed suite of service management modules used by large and mid-sized enterprises across Europe and North America.

Serviceaide acquired PoB in November with its acquisition of Wendia. This is the first example of development synergy and commitment to continue to enhance the POB platform with the addition of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to improve user experiences and reduce service costs.

PoB is a highly customizable enterprise service management platform that helps organizations efficiently manage and automate a wide range of business and service functions, including modules for service desk management, configuration and asset management, purchase and inventory management, and self-service and automation. PoB includes a central database (or CMDB in ITSM) which can be accessed by all ITIL certified, modules.

Luma 2.5 is an award-winning AI-powered virtual agent that transforms service management across ITSM, ESM and Customer Service. It is the first virtual agent solution optimized to provide easy conversational access for end users and support personnel to a wide range of enterprise knowledge assets and automated services. The Luma Digital Labor Product Suite applies breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural langue processing to seamlessly handle service requests, incidents and user inquiries, dramatically improving service responsiveness, user satisfaction and cost-efficiencies. Luma works across voice and messaging channels, including support for all leading collaboration channels; as well as several service and support solutions.

“The integration of Luma and PoB will provide business and governmental service and support organizations with a world-class suite of solutions to dramatically modernize and advance the efficient delivery of services and knowledge across their enterprises,” said Kevin Goertzen, VP of Global Solutions at Serviceaide (former CEO of Wendia North America). “Our new organization will continue to innovate across the entire Serviceaide product line to help our customers rapidly realize the value of advanced service management.”

About Serviceaide

Serviceaide is a leader in intelligent service and support. Serviceaide’s vision is to transform service management, across ITSM, ESM and Customer Service. Serving customers around the world, Serviceaide applies breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing to deliver better experiences, provide enhanced self-service and empower service owners. Serviceaide transforms service through digital labour conversations, automation and knowledge.

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