Centrical for Amazon Connect Now Available

Centrical announced the general availability of Centrical for Amazon Connect, a new application designed to orchestrate an AI-powered gamified experience that delivers real-time performance management driven by Amazon Connect and Contact Lens for Amazon Connect metrics.

The new application can also provide continuous feedback, “micro-learning”, interactive coaching, and managerial tools. A direct and secure API connection to Amazon Connect receives and processes metrics in real time allowing for a quick implementation with minimum setup out of the box.

Amazon Connect is an easy to use omnichannel cloud contact centre from Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) that helps you provide superior customer service at a lower cost.

Centrical for Amazon Connect is an employee-centric success application that holistically navigates employees to success. It allows customers to personalize the employee experience, improve productivity, and maximize their investment in Amazon Connect.

“Customers are increasingly looking for ways to get more from their data, enhance learning, and further improve agents’ performance,” says Pasquale DeMaio, General Manager, Amazon Connect, AWS. “We are delighted to be working with Centrical to provide customers with an employee-centric contact centre experience.”

Centrical for Amazon Connect improves agents’ performance by focusing them on their personal targets and proactively triggering personalized actions like “micro-learning”, feedback, recognition, and “micro-coaching” sessions, that guide them to success based on their actual performance. It also increases agents’ engagement and motivation by providing an intrinsically rewarding work experience using advanced gamification. Lastly, the new application provides agents with resources to acquire new skills and become proficient at their job. In addition to an increase in customer satisfaction companies using the Centrical for Amazon Connect can expect to see an increase in overall agents’ satisfaction and reduced employee turnover.

“We looked for a high-tech, high touch way to raise engagement, drive knowledge, job skills, and performance results. Centrical with Amazon Connect was an ideal fit,” says Jamie Parra, Cloud Campus Training Sr. Manager at Teleperformance.

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, which provides real-time data for the new Centrical application, enables better understanding of sentiment and trends from customer conversations to identify crucial company and product feedback. It can analyse call transcripts, sentiment, and conversation characteristics to detect issues and customer trends. Centrical for Amazon Connect features an API integration with Amazon Connect and uses Contact Lens for Amazon Connect to provide actionable insights to agents and managers.

“With so many self-service options, customers reach out to human agents to solve complex problems. As a result, contact centre interactions tend to be more emotional than ever,” says Gal Rimon, CEO of Centrical. “Using Centrical for Amazon Connect, contact centre agents are better equipped to help customers defuse difficult conversations and quickly solve problems.”

Realizing the important role that team leaders play in their employees’ success, Centrical for Amazon Connect also equips them with an advanced manager console that provides full visibility of their teams’ performance as well as a smart AI algorithm that surfaces key insights that require their attention. Team leaders can follow up by initiating micro-coaching sessions to individual team members or create gamified challenges, driving their employees to improve. Team leaders using Amazon Connect with Centrical can become more involved in their employees work and are able to guide them on how to improve their clients’ interactions, and at the same time increase their sense of belonging and overall work experience.

Centrical for Amazon Connect integrates seamlessly out of the box with Amazon Connect and Contact Lens for Amazon Connect. Using quality data from these tools, it delivers actionable insights to agents and their managers, in real-time via a direct and secure API connection, allowing Amazon Connect clients to enjoy Centrical’s benefit with minimal IT work and overhead. The unified platform maximizes the value of companies’ investments in deploying Amazon Connect for their contact centre

More information on Centrical for Amazon Connect is available on the Centrical Website.

About Centrical

Centrical helps the world’s leading organizations make employees the centre of business success by improving their engagement, learning, and performance while enhancing the coaching abilities of their managers.

Centrical’s orchestrated Employee-Centric Success Platform gives employees an AI-powered, personalized, and gamified experience that unifies real-time performance management, continuous feedback, microlearning, and employee engagement, while supporting managers with interactive coaching and managerial tools.