Forsta and Watermelon Announce Partnership

Forsta, the world’s leading Customer Experience and Research Technology company, and Watermelon, the Customer Experience (CX) and Insight Specialists, have announced a global partnership.

The new alliance creates a broader and deeper range of CX expertise, methodology, and technology – delivered through Forsta’s leading CX platform. This partnership also takes the first step in a new generation of CX benchmarking available to every Forsta client.

Giles Whiting, COO and Managing Director, Voice of Customer and Voice of Employee, Forsta comments: “Our announcement today marks the beginning of a great moment for our clients. Working in partnership with Watermelon means that we are now able to provide the most powerful and advanced CX consulting and methodology solutions. Even in the early stages of this partnership we saw how valuable Watermelon’s proprietary benchmarks can be for our clients – allowing them to understand their performance versus industry and geographical peers, and to better identify areas of opportunity in which to improve. Together we will help businesses around the world drive customer advocacy, and progress towards achieving it. We will help them to grow their success and exceed their customers’ expectations. We exist to help inform and inspire decision makers, and our new partnership with Watermelon adds a further dimension to our purpose.”

Mark Squires, CEO of Watermelon, added: “Having enjoyed a successful relationship with Confirmit and FocusVision for over 10 years, I’m really excited about our future with Forsta. In my experience, no other platform provides the same degree of flexibility to design and build truly bespoke approaches to listen to customers and employees, backed up by powerful reporting and analytics to guide action. With Forsta, we know we have tried and tested foundations that can be adapted and scaled to any scenario. This partnership will be pivotal in enabling our clients to better understand customer experiences and to benchmark performance in greater detail, providing a clearer picture of what matters most and where to focus to drive their businesses forward.”

About Forsta

Forsta, is the brand for the recently merged businesses of Confirmit and FocusVision, two of the world’s leading Experience and Research technology companies. In collaboration with their clients, Forsta informs and inspires designs solutions and deploys their market leading experience and research technology to exceed their clients’ needs. Forsta, growing smarter together.

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About Watermelon

Watermelon is a Customer Experience consultancy, working with clients to listen to customers to identify and prioritise CX improvement opportunities and initiatives that deliver ROI. Watermelon merges research and technology skillsets to deliver best in class, tailored CX and Voice of the Customer programmes that drive tangible business improvements for clients across a range of sectors.

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