Oak Engage transforms NatWest’s digital employee experience with the launch of Adaptive Intelligence

Growing tech and intranet firm, Oak Engage have been working with leading retail and commercial bank, NatWest Group to increase employee engagement through Adaptive Intelligence, state of the art technology to help businesses communicate with their people more efficiently.

Adaptive Intelligence is unlike other solutions and uses algorithms that manage delivery across all channels, removing the complexity of communicating strategic, tactical and crisis messaging to hybrid teams. This allows businesses to focus on the message, the audience and the priority and Oak Engage does the rest.

Oak Engage is the first intranet software provider to introduce this technology which allows businesses to define what outcomes they want to achieve and prioritise individual messaging to maximise reach. Smart delivery also reduces noise for employees and shows content in an order prioritised for the individual, giving everyone a personalised news feed, unique to them and based on their preferences.

A common problem throughout the internal comms industry is measurement and proving the value. Oak combats this with in-product analytics that also provide insights on how audiences are reached and collectively measure the success and reach of communications so that a meaningful story can be crafted from the results and feedback.

Alan Harris, Director of Internal Communications at NatWest said: “Oak Engage has transformed the way we communicate, delivering a single news feed which aligns with our ‘one bank’ strategy. Consolidating our offering has created a clear channel for communications and a single source of truth. We’re already seeing positive engagement from colleagues.”

“Oak has also given our colleagues more control. They can now personalise their news experience, adapt based on their interactions, follow topics of interest and opt out of communications that are less relevant – this is adding real value.”

Mark Rooks, Chief Technology Officer at Oak Engage said: “We want to empower businesses by giving them the best tools to enable them to communicate intelligently with their people wherever they are, 24/7. We want to support businesses every step of the way and we think that intranets should be working a whole lot harder for them.”

“The launch of Adaptive Intelligence is an important next step in our journey, signalling our continued growth. The investment in technology and innovation will make our business more efficient and agile, resulting in a markedly better experience for our customers and their end users when using the Oak Engage platform. We want to transform the digital experience for employees, providing curated feeds of content and eventually becoming the first self-organising intranet.”

Oak Engage is the adaptive intranet that connects people through better communication and engagement and is trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world including Aldi, Boohoo, Five Guys and ITV to name a few. To find out more or to see it in action, visit their website.

About Oak Engage

Oak Engage is the adaptive intranet that connects your people. They improve wellbeing and productivity through better communication and engagement.

Oak Engage have been helping employers engage and connect with their employees for nearly 25 years. Working with some of the world’s biggest brands including Aldi, Five Guys and ITV to name a few, Oak helps their customers connect teams, engage their people and work better together through its mobile app and SaaS (Software as a Service) platform on the cloud. As a result, Oak have become intranet software experts and thought leaders within the internal comms industry. This success has been achieved by listening to their customers, taking their feedback, ideas and suggestions and developing applications that provide genuine value within the Digital Workspace.

Oak removes the complexity of communicating strategic, tactical and crisis messaging to hybrid teams across your business. You focus on the message, the audience and the priority, and Oak does everything else. Their in-product analytics also provide insights on how businesses reach their intended audiences.

Oak’s executive team and board is highly experienced and comprises of serial entrepreneurs from both the SaaS world and Intranet sectors.

Visit https://www.oak.com