ReflexAI announces venture funding to bring AI-powered training and quality assurance tools to high-stakes call centres

ReflexAI, the provider of AI-powered training and quality assurance tools for high-stakes call centres, announced its first round of venture funding. Led by Footwork, the $3.3M oversubscribed round included Emerson Collective, Alt Capital, Gaingels, and angel investors with expertise across healthcare and technology innovation.

The cost of training and quality assurance for an individual phone responder can exceed $5,000 per year for high-stakes call centres in industries such as crisis response, 911 dispatch, and healthcare. Due to high turnover and a shortage of workers, a call centre can spend hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars annually in these areas. In existing operations without ReflexAI, leaders often contend with significant operational complexities and unreliable data.

ReflexAI announced $3M in venture funding to bring AI-powered training & QA tools to high-stakes call centres.

ReflexAI provides training and quality assurance tools for these centres, reducing costs by 50% while improving quality and outcomes. The dynamic, AI-powered training simulations are comparable to the use of flight simulators in pilot training. The customizable quality assurance tools enable 100% coverage across calls while providing feedback to responders for continuous improvement.

“We’re thrilled to announce our seed round, which represents not just a vote of confidence in ReflexAI, but also in the opportunity to support these mission-critical operations,” said Sam Dorison, Cofounder and CEO at ReflexAI. “We’ve seen first-hand how this technology can reduce costs by over 50% while improving measurable outcomes. We believe that every operation deserves access to these tools.”

ReflexAI focuses specifically on high-stakes call centres and their priorities. As a result, the organization invests heavily in areas such as data security, AI ethics, and clinical excellence. 100% of ReflexAI employees undergo both cybersecurity and AI ethics training. And the organization works closely with independent advisors who are recognized leaders in clinical best practices and responsible artificial intelligence.

“Building for our target customers, we’re laser-focused on their specific needs and expectations,” said John Callery, Cofounder and Chief Product & Technology Officer at ReflexAI. “Our unique commitment is evident in the way our tools are designed, developed, and deployed.”

ReflexAI’s cofounders were previously executives at The Trevor Project, where they led the development of this technology. Their work was recognized on TIME’s “100 Best Inventions of 2021” and highlighted in MIT Technology Review.

“It’s rare to find a team that is so connected to the customer problem and has already demonstrated the impact of their technology as a solution,” said Nikhil Basu Trivedi, general partner at Footwork. “We’re excited to be part of ReflexAI’s journey from such an early stage.”

Since launching in 2022, ReflexAI has seen significant interest in their tools from crisis lines, healthcare systems, digital and behavioural health, and emergency dispatch. The organization is currently building a training tool for military veterans, which includes three AI-powered simulations. And the organization was recognized as top-5 winner out of 1,200 proposals in Mission Daybreak, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ innovation challenge.

“From the moment we met with Sam and John, it was clear that they inspire a sense of trust,” said Fern Mandelbaum, Managing Director at Emerson Collective. “ReflexAI has the vision and credibility to succeed in industries that save lives every day.”

About ReflexAI

ReflexAI provides training and quality assurance tools for contact centre operations across crisis response, emergency dispatch, and healthcare. Our training simulations accelerate and improve agent preparation while reducing manual training costs by 50%. Our quality assurance tools enable 100% coverage, reducing costs while providing actionable insights to improve performance.

Responsible innovation

ReflexAI meets the highest ethical standards in the development and deployment of its products. Investments include extensive user research and product development anchored in user-centric design. The organization also works with independent experts including ethicists and clinicians at all stages of the product development cycle.

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