Broxbourne Borough Council launches “BOB” the chatbot.

Broxbourne Borough Council is delighted to announce the launch of “BOB” the chatbot.

The digital assistant was introduced on the Council’s website earlier this year and has been recently optimised with the capacity to answer more than 14,000 queries in relation to the Council and its services, including council tax, waste disposal, planning and development, and housing.

The artificial intelligence customer service assistant is also able to provide answers to some queries relating to Hertfordshire County Council services, meaning that even if a service user is unsure about the best point of contact, BOB will be able to correctly identify and signpost.

The new customer service delivery tool will be accessible 24/7, allowing customers to get support with queries at a time that suits them even outside normal hours of operation.

Leader of Broxbourne Council, Councillor Lewis Cocking said: “The introduction of BOB Bot is a massive game changer for customer service delivery here at the Council. Residents and other website visitors will be able to benefit from instant and reliable support that can be accessed at any time, from any device.

“This also means that there will be less strain on the Council’s busy call centre, meaning that staff will now be able to focus more on queries that can only be handled over the phone. So far more than 4,000 queries have been swiftly answered via the chatbot and we look forward to seeing further engagement with this invaluable tool”.

The AI chatbot is the Council’s latest move in its continued commitment to digital transformation and dedication to creating a seamless, user-friendly experience for residents and other service users.

Customers can now interact with BOB on the Council’s website and provide feedback which will be invaluable for future improvements and continued service optimisation.