Nuance Introduces IVR to Digital for AI-Driven Customer Engagement

Nuance announced IVR to Digital, an offering that further strengthens the Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Platform, as part of a series of cognitive and conversational AI innovations for customer care. To address rising consumer expectations for seamless and effortless service amidst an evolving landscape of digital and mobile channels, Nuance’s solutions are powering a new generation of customer engagement that enables enterprises to communicate with their customers anytime, anywhere, and through virtually any channel.

With IVR to Digital, callers can move seamlessly from traditional phone calls to digital channels, and engage with brands through enhanced self- and assisted service.

Omni-channel interactions deliver consistent customer experiences that are connected, continuous, and contextual across all engagement channels. The Nuance Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Platform allows organizations the ability to add new channels quickly and easily. With a platform-first approach, companies can invest in one core AI solution where Nuance can further customize the business logic, speech recognition, grammar libraries, and customer profile information once and deploy it in a variety of experiences, allowing customers to move freely and easily between the channels.

Nuance IVR to Digital leverages the platform approach to connect customer touchpoints across the IVR and digital channels for a true omnichannel experience that resolves customer queries quickly and effectively. Organizations can enhance the user experience by seamlessly moving targeted calls to a digital experience using live chat or virtual assistants, to reduce caller wait times and maximize digital channel investments. Nuance Nina, the intelligent virtual assistant powered by AI, in combination with live chat assistance, provides the consumer with an innovative blend of automated and assisted engagement to enable up to 95 percent resolution of customer inquiry by leveraging Nuance’s conversational, cognitive and human-assisted AI capabilities that can be customized for vertical market needs and requirements.

IVR to Digital also enhances information delivery by allowing agents to better assist callers with more complicated transactions in a simplified manner. Contact center agents can use the new web-based guides feature to set up a co-browsing session on the web to visually show customers how to fix a problem themselves. By teaching callers to solve issues directly it provides a better overall customer experience and reduces the need for future calls on the same issue.

“Consumers have embraced virtual assistants and messaging for customer engagement, demonstrating a fundamental shift in consumer expectations for customer service – they expect brands to be available whenever they are, wherever they are,” said Robert Weideman, executive vice president and general manager, Enterprise Division, Nuance. “Nuance IVR to Digital creates a seamless engagement experience allowing for a simple transition between calls and self-service digital channels – giving consumers the ability to interact with human and virtual agents in the ways that make the most sense for them – and delivering the best-possible experience.”

Benefits of the Nuance IVR to Digital offering include:

Reduced Contact Center Costs: IVR to Digital helps organizations reduce contact center costs by moving callers to more efficient, lower cost channels and reducing future call volumes on the same issue.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: The solution improves customer satisfaction by decreasing on hold wait time and queue abandonment by offering callers immediate assistance in other channels with contextual transfers so callers don’t get lost or repeat themselves.

Optimized Channel Engagement: IVR to Digital optimizes customer service channels by moving less complicated tasks away from call center agents to more efficient, lower cost channels – improving agent productivity and the ability to focus on higher-value queries.

Nuance is a recognized leader in providing automated and intelligent AI-powered customer engagement solutions to large enterprises around the world. There are over 6,500 enterprises using Nuance’s self- and assisted service technologies, processing an estimated 14 billion transactions each year. Nuance has over 700 professional services team members who integrate the Company’s customer service solutions deeply within the back-office systems of many of the leading telecommunications and financial institutions around the world, as well as leading healthcare, travel, and government organizations. In a single platform, Nuance is the only vendor to combine the tooling, intelligence and analytics of natural language processing (NLP) and cognitive technologies, as well as integrated security, to deliver automated and assisted solutions targeted to Enterprise needs.