Avaya and its Zang Cloud Platform Help Mutare Bring Next-level Text Messaging to the Enterprise

Zang, an Avaya Holdings company, announced that Mutare, an independent software developer and systems integrator with a large healthcare customer base, has integrated the Zang communication platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) to enable its exciting new business-grade text messaging solution Enterprise Text.

With text messaging now a highly popular method of communication, organizations across a wide range of industries are looking for a way to allow employees to communicate with customers through personal mobile devices, with minimized risk to the enterprise.

Created with the robust Zang Cloud development platform, Mutare’s Enterprise Text enables individuals within an organization to engage in secure, two-way text conversations with customers from their PC, tablet or mobile device without exposing their personal number to the customer. It can be used with existing business phone numbers, including an employee’s direct phone line, or applied to a dedicated text-only line if required.

Offering the ability to pivot from non-secure to secure settings, Enterprise Text is ideal for industries such as healthcare, banking, insurance, legal, government and others where sensitive information is being shared. For example, if a conversation on the application were to include personal health or other sensitive information, a staff member could pivot the text to “secure messaging” mode and continue with heightened protection against privacy breaches.

In the healthcare industry specifically, Mutare’s Enterprise Text can record a full audit trail of the conversation and save it to the organization’s EMR as part of that patient’s health record, assuring compliance with regulations governing PHI, as well as discovery protections for the organization in the event of a dispute.

With Zang Cloud, it’s free to sign up to use the platform’s tools to build workflows or apps. All fees are based on usage, so businesses only pay for what they use. Companies can scale up or down as needed while easily anticipating costs, based on a simple pricing model.

“Avaya and Zang Cloud allow Mutare to rapidly and cost-effectively develop applications like Enterprise Text. Any company hoping to stay on top of customer engagement and retention needs to embrace texting as a significant tool for customer interactions. It is fast, efficient, cost effective and, above all, it’s what today’s customers want.” Mike Sorensen, Senior Vice President, Technology Innovation, Mutare

“Mutare is the perfect example of how developers and businesses can use Zang’s simple tools and APIs to change the game for smart customer communications and collaboration. The Enterprise Text solution will enable organizations in healthcare, banking, insurance and many more, provide swift and seamless engagement and issue resolution, as well as a positive customer experience.” Mo Nezerati, GM, Zang, Inc.