Serenova Launches Skylight for CRM: CCaaS Integration for Salesforce and Zendesk

Serenova has released Skylight for CRM with key integrations to Salesforce and Zendesk. The all-new agent experience, included in the latest release of CxEngage, embeds omnichannel interaction and routing capabilities directly into the customer relation management solution (CRM) to provide agents a single workspace for supporting customer interactions.

By combining the advanced CRM functionality and data exchange between Serenova and leading CRM platforms from Salesforce and Zendesk, agents gain the ability to respond to customers based on their full history in any channel – or pivot seamlessly from one to another, as needed, to improve the customer experience.

Customers are increasingly connecting with businesses via digital channels such as chat, mobile applications, SMS, or social media like Facebook Messenger. However, agents struggle with multiple systems that don’t connect to each other, which causes frustrations for the customer as they have repeat the same information. With Skylight for CRM, the contact center solution is embedded directly within the agent’s CRM interface and interaction data is connected to each customer’s record. With fewer clicks and applications to switch between, agents increase productivity and accuracy – all while being able to support a higher volume of interactions.

“Customer experience – the totality of customer interaction with your company – has become a primary battleground for organizations, and yet, many are not equipped with the right tools to provide the best service possible,” said Matt Despain, chief product officer for Serenova. “Serenova provides robust pre-built integrations with leading CRM solutions, so agents have the information they need to make customers happy. Based in the cloud, Skylight for CRM can be up and running quickly with plug and play deployment for companies using Salesforce or Zendesk. With one unified agent workspace, contact center agents have what they need to do their job without having to switch back and forth between applications.”

Skylight for CRM offers key contact center functionality directly in the CRM system including:

  • Matching inbound and outbound call information with CRM data;
  • Providing agents the ability to control calls, including, click-to-connect functionality;
  • Saving call logs automatically when a call ends;
  • Displaying CRM data via screen pops when interactions are made or received; and
  • Incorporating call data into the CRM’s reports.