Lenovo Partners with Medallia for Customer-Centric Transformation

Medallia announced that Lenovo has partnered with Medallia on a global customer-centric transformation initiative. Lenovo selected Medallia Experience Cloud™ and Deloitte Digital to implement a customer feedback program designed to embed the pulse of the customer throughout the organization.

“As the consumer and commercial technology market evolves from being a product-focused business model to a customer-centric driven model, enterprise feedback programs, such as Lenovo is leading, will lay the foundation for this business model transformation,” said Tim Greulich, senior manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP and leader of Deloitte’s Operational Customer Experience Practice.

With Medallia, Lenovo can focus its efforts on understanding the Lenovo experience through the eyes of its customers and distributing these insights across the enterprise in real-time, renewing its commitment to providing best-in-class customer experiences. By delivering relevant, real-time customer feedback, Lenovo can activate employees around the world with customer insights and workflows that drive action.

“Lenovo has always benefited from a global customer base that has provided us with valuable feedback in our surveys. With Medallia, we now have the opportunity to show those customers how much we value their feedback and that we do use it to improve the customer experience,” said Dilip Bhatia, Vice President, Customer Experience, Lenovo. “We’re already reaping the benefits as our teams are energized and empowered to achieve our vision of becoming a customer experience leader.”

Lenovo is expanding Medallia Experience Cloud across its entire Global and Enterprise account management group. This expansion follows a successful pilot project within two call centers and several global commercial sales and account management teams. Also during the pilot, account management teams were alerted to any accounts at risk of churn or in need of immediate assistance and identified better ways to serve their customers.

“Lenovo is the world leader in technology products for businesses and consumers, with millions of customers in 160 countries,” said Borge Hald, CEO and Co-Founder, Medallia. “Customer experience is today’s most important battleground, and we arm Lenovo not just to compete but to win.”