Liveops Launches 2018 Call Centre Industry Assessment

Liveops, the leading provider of on-demand virtual call centre services announced that it has launched an industry assessment to evaluate call centre performance based on the top criteria affecting customer service delivery.

The survey helps customer service leaders determine how effectively their call centres deliver against critical business objectives such as flexibility, sourcing, training and customer service quality.

“It’s common for companies to spread their call center business among many vendors, and it’s striking how much the results can vary,” said Greg Hanover, CEO of Liveops. “Our customers tell us that taking time to evaluate their call centers helped them determine which deliver a competitive advantage, and which are a drag on the bottom line.”

Companies that evaluate and improve their call center strategy are poised to capture greater market share. According to American Express Global Customer Barometer (2017), 52 percent of US customers did not complete a transaction due to poor customer service, whereas those who have good experiences spend 17 percent more money.

The call center assessment digs into key factors affecting customer experience:

  • High attrition and overhead: Time and money is invested in training agents, to only see the majority of them leave after a year.
  • Sourcing for skills: Traditional call centers are limited to sourcing the talent available within a reasonable driving distance.
  • Poor call handling: Long wait times, blocking contact with live humans, and not getting quick resolution to problems all increase customer churn.
  • Lack of business agility: Call volumes spike dramatically and for customers on hold, those precious minutes seem like an eternity.

Survey respondents receive a customized report, evaluating where they stack up and identifying areas for improvement across three capabilities—quality, flexibility and engagement—with specific recommendations to help companies make the most of their call center strategy and deliver better customer experiences. Start the survey at