Convergys Releases Enterprise Voice of the Customer Software to Help Companies Transform the Way They Use Feedback

Convergys, a global leader in customer management announced the release of ConvergysCX, a cloud-based Voice of the Customer platform that helps companies change the way customer feedback is used at scale.

ConvergysCX unifies feedback across all touchpoints and journeys into a simple interface that makes it easy to share insights across the enterprise. The software goes beyond simply measuring and reporting feedback, incorporating tools that help companies take action to deliver a better customer experience.

“You have to do more than simply putting your finger on the pulse to learn why CX issues are happening. ConvergysCX helps you identify problem areas and act upon issues you can resolve quickly at the frontline, and across the business,” says Mike Cholak, VP and General Manager, Convergys Analytics. “It also uncovers more complex issues that may need in-depth attention. By putting the right information and tools in the hands of their employees, companies can fix CX issues to improve customer satisfaction and see an ROI impact more rapidly.”

Convergys has over 20 years’ experience supporting clients with Voice of the Customer solutions. ConvergysCX is a completely redesigned upgrade of Convergys’ VOC software, offering:

  • Unified views of CX – across all listening posts
  • Employee engagement tools – to drive a CX-focused culture shift
  • A gamified, digital rewards center – recognizes employees’ efforts and achievements
  • Interactive, real-time reporting for all – to drive metric clarity and focus
  • Innovation sourcing capabilities – to trigger emerging thinking from all edges of the company

“ConvergysCX is the foundation of Convergys VOC solutions, which combine people and technology to deliver ROI,” said Cholak. “Our clients have seen impressive results from our VOC solution, improving every aspect of the customer experience.”