Conversational Customer Care Reduces 80% of Repeat Callers

Convergys announced another step forward in its Conversational platform, Intelligent Voice Portal 11, which delivers human-like virtual assistant technology. Convergys’ Virtual Assistant (VA) Solutions allows customers to say what they need in their own words, complete tasks in the popular IoT devices Amazon Echo™ and Google Home™ and provide a real-time conversational chat bot on Facebook Messenger to resolve customer questions.

A leading insurance provider was able to decrease their number of repeat callers by 80% and improve CSAT 20% by providing this new conversational voice experience to its members from Convergys. This implementation proves that giving callers the ability to speak in their own words is not only faster, but also helps them get to the information they are looking for the first time. The solution drove a 25% reduction in the time members spent in the IVR channel due to the natural language experience.

“Voice virtual assistants are driving the adoption and further advancement of speech solutions,” said Kathy Juve, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing & Product Development at Convergys. “Customers want to interact in their own words in natural conversational phrases as they do in normal conversation. Intelligent Voice Portal 11, takes Natural Language Understanding (NLU) beyond the phone channel to encompass other preferred means of communication as well as integrate with the leading cloud based NLU providers.”

Organizations are investing more than ever in digital self-service and speech recognition technologies to improve first-call resolution, reduce cost to serve, and free up agents to deal with more complex issues and higher-value transactions. The rising popularity of conversational customer care and VPA devices such as Amazon Echo™ and Google Home™ have made consumers more comfortable interacting with artificial intelligence (AI) via the voice channel.

“We realize that virtual assistants and AI cannot replace the human touch needed for complex and difficult issues,” said Juve. “With that in mind, our technology and outsourcing solutions are designed to blend the best of AI and live agent expertise.”

Additional features of Intelligent Voice Portal 11 include cloud NLU integrations with Microsoft Azure™ Cognitive Services and Google Dialogflow™ for additional design flexibility, full and partial call recording options, and an increase in maximum VoIP density, capacity and scalability.

“Convergys continues to invest in digital and insight driven solutions and technology to help our clients meet the digital needs of their customers,” said Kathy Juve, SVP Global Marketing & Product Development. “This announcement ensures we continue to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering our clients the most advanced and latest customer experience self-service solutions.”

*Facts from this article can be sourced to FutureSource Consulting, July 7, 2017