CR-X, Inc launches strategic partnership with Vonage

CR-X, Inc, an industry leader in high-performing, scalable big data applications announces a strategic partnership with Vonage, a business cloud communications leader, to advance omni-channel analytics in the enterprise with the powerful new contact centre application; CustomerView®.

Vonage’s strength in voice, messaging, and an industry-leading API platform (Nexmo), combined with CustomerView’s ability to mine, aggregate and understand structured and unstructured data, creates a powerful end-to-end platform. Now Nexmo users can easily unlock the important data within contact centre calls, chat, social media and other customer touch points to improve agent performance and boost customer satisfaction.

CustomerView allows enterprises to measure every touchpoint along the customer journey, with an easy to navigate user interface, and tools to create alerts, triggers and filters to pinpoint problem areas in your business and provide managers with the appropriate knowledge to remedy issues. The CustomerView application is powered by big data ingestion and visualization experts CR-X and VoiceBase, the leading provider of AI-powered speech analytics.

“CustomerView seamlessly integrates into the Vonage ecosystem via their AI-focused API platform Nexmo, making omni-channel analytics for the enterprise easier to access than ever before,” commented Jay Blazensky, CRO and Co-Founder of VoiceBase. “By capturing interactions across any channel this application surfaces insights to benefit multiple departments within an enterprise through customer satisfaction, agent monitoring, legal compliance and top agent modeling.”

This powerful platform was designed to surface actionable insights and empower compliance, quality assurance, customer experience and contact centre managers to understand what’s happening in their contact centre. By utilizing artificial intelligence to train and extrapolate data across 100% of their calls this technology applies scorecards to every call, extrapolates NPS or CSAT scores for callers who have not filled out the survey, and using VoiceBase’s PCI detection and redaction, scrubs sensitive customer data from calls and transcripts to keep your data secure.

“A partnership with Nexmo is extraordinary because of the combined power that we bring to businesses. It redefines quality, customer satisfaction, and creates results-based customer journey analytics,” says Joe Galvin, CEO CR-X North America. “We are delighted to be working with the Nexmo team.”

“We are excited to be working with CR-X to enable our mutual customers to take advantage of the CustomerView solution because it solves multiple pain-points that enterprise contact centres have had for a while,” said Mark Summerson, Global Partner Program Director for Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform. “Now users can identify agent issues, provide coaching, maintain legal and regulatory compliance, and enhance customer experience with data from every customer interaction, ultimately increasing customer loyalty and driving better business outcomes.”

About Vonage

Founded in 2001, Vonage has a unique cloud communications platform that brings together a robust unified communications solution with the agility of embedded, contextual communications APIs. The Company also provides a robust suite of feature-rich residential communication solutions. Nexmo, with offices in London, Hong Kong and Singapore in addition to its San Francisco headquarters, and is the world’s second largest CPaaS company as measured by revenue. Nexmo has the largest global network of interconnected carriers, more than 650 in total, delivering the best API-based communications platform for messaging, programmable voice and chat apps.


About CustomerView®

CustomerView® is the means to examine every part of your customer’s journey. We provide the portal, reporting templates, and tools to create alerts, triggers and filters to pinpoint problem areas or to improve business performance. CustomerView® is SaaS-based, PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant, and massively processes data to give you insights when they are needed. It’s your data – we help you extract useful insights and create valuable digital assets. CustomerView® is a premier offering of CR-X, headquartered in Denver, Colorado and Melbourne, Australia. For over 15 years, first in telecommunications, CR-X has expanded to become a global innovator across a multitude of industries including telco, finance, health, utilities and travel.

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