New agent and call-centre features for DialerAI

DialerAI announces new inbound and outbound call-centre capabilities. DialerAI is a multi-tenant auto-dialer solution with billing to support resale of auto-dialer services.

The new call-centre tools allow creation of agents and queues within DialerAI. “Agent support is one of the most requested features from our customers” said Areski Belaid, CTO of DialerAI, “this development is really exciting for us as it develops towards a one stop shop for your call centre requirements.”

In just few clicks you can create agents for your call-centre and assign them to a queue.

Once leads and prospects are called or agents receive calls inbound, DialerAI’s automatic call distribution (ACD) will intelligently route the calls to the appropriate agents based on the selected ring strategy. This can also be used with skills based routing IVR, to direct the callers to the most appropriate group of agents.

Leads and prospects can be called using the power dialer features that use an algorithm to increase agents’ talk time enabling agents to reach more prospects in less time.

Agents use their VoIP phone to connect to DialerAI. As the agent is connecting via the Internet, agents can be located anywhere so it’s easy to build a virtual call-centre with agents working from any good internet connection anywhere.

DialerAI is a product of Star2Billing S.L. formed in 2009 to provide telecoms software development. More information can be found at