Yay.com Announce Expansion to Innovative Wallboard Feature

Leading cloud communications provider Yay.com announced the release of an expansive update to their innovative Wallboard feature, with a revamped feature-set to display outbound call statistics for businesses with high outgoing call volumes.

Functionality has been added for customers to set employee targets, track their performance and output period reports for download or automatic email receipt.

The update responds to high demand following a positive reception to Yay.com’s V1.0 Wallboard feature that digitally displays desired statistics related to a business’ incoming calls in a flexible, accessible format that proved invaluable for team management and motivation.

“Our customers have been enthusiastic about the transparency our Wallboards bring to employee performance since their launch in March 2019”, commented Matt Mansell, CEO at Yay.com. “This release is the result of much hard work with our customers to fine-tune inbound and new outbound Wallboards, in conjunction with outbound-call statistics reporting, to deliver exactly what they need.”

About Yay.com

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