Cover Chooses Twilio Flex to Power its Customer Service Experience

Twilio, the leading cloud communications platform, announced that Cover has selected Twilio Flex to power its customer communications. Twilio Flex, a programmable contact centre platform, gave Cover the control to build a customized contact centre that delivers a differentiated customer and agent user experience.

Cover provides a frictionless and personalized insurance buying experience by connecting users with real, expert advisors who are able to offer quotes from over 30 carriers via the mobile app. Learn more about Twilio and Cover here.

With a mission of disrupting the insurance industry with its innovative blend of mobile technology, automation, and expert advice, Cover sought to deliver a customer experience that matches its personalized approach. The mobile-first insurance platform customized Twilio Flex to deliver on-demand customer service. Cover has experienced 57% faster response time and an 8% higher resolution rate since making the switch to Twilio Flex.

“We were looking to be able to modify every aspect of our contact center to be the right fit for our business and our customers, and none of the other solutions we looked at were very customizable,” Cover co-founder Ben Aneesh said. “Twilio Flex was the most configurable and flexible option on the market that could meet our goals—deliver on-demand customer service in a faster, more efficient, and completely customizable way, without constraints.”

The majority of Cover’s customer communications take place via text using Twilio Flex’s Salesforce CTI (Computer Telephony Interface), a customized instance of Salesforce integrated with Twilio Flex.

Based on an internal survey of its sales and customer service advisors, Cover developed a list of features and capabilities to build and tasked its product team to design the UX with Twilio Flex. Over the course of its development, Cover was able to constantly inspect and iterate on their design to finetune the customer and agent experience. Today, Twilio Flex allows real-time feedback between Cover’s sales managers and customer service advisors, and provides key call metrics.

When a call or text comes through the platform, it automatically populates all of the data that advisors need, and syncs information from the call to Salesforce. As a relationship-centered business, it was important for Cover to create continuity in their customer experience.

“As customers come back, sometimes even 12 weeks or a year later, we want to make sure that they talk to the same agent from the first interaction,” Aneesh said. “We’re more of an insurance concierge where customers can simply text if they want to make a claim and complete the transaction through SMS and images, or a phone call. Twilio Flex makes this easy.”

As desired, Cover can change any aspect of their new contact centre as often as they want, and deploy changes instantly to stay ahead of changing customer demands. Flex allows Cover’s advisors to serve more customers in less time, helping the company deliver on its mission to provide a seamless, personalized customer experience while offering the best insurance rates.

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