Hosting service HOUST takes up residence in Talkdesk cloud for customer service solutions

Talkdesk® announced HOUST selected Talkdesk to power its Client Success and Guest Support teams. Formerly Airsorted, HOUST is a property management company using technology to create an infrastructure for the fast-growing sharing community.

HOUST makes hosting through Airbnb,, Expedia and HomeAway, amongst others, simple and easy to handle for hosts. HOUST needed a scalable contact centre solution to support its customer base with a reliable and high-quality customer experience. In order to manage more than 250,000 bookings across five continents, Houst selected Talkdesk to consolidate its systems and support it as it scales globally.

“HOUST customers – both Hosts and Guests – rely on us to provide fast, efficient and effective support, and we strive to set and provide the gold standard of customer service in our industry,” said Katie Rolfe, Head of Guest Experience, HOUST. “From the very first touchpoint of a potential host, to their ongoing support as a long-standing HOUST customer, we aim to deliver the highest quality experience, and we see Talkdesk as the solution to elevate our customer experience to the next level.”

Talkdesk’s scalability was a crucial differentiator in HOUST’s decision to move its operations to Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center. The ability to adjust service levels to meet fluctuating demands and seasonal traffic spikes will help HOUST reduce costs and keep pace with host and guest needs while improving contact center efficiency. Talkdesk’s reputation for reliability, backed by an available 100% Uptime SLA, and its rapid pace of product innovation, will provide HOUST with a consistent connection to its customers and guarantee the latest industry advancements are always available to its customer service team.

“We are excited to be the customer service backbone of HOUST’s growing operation with Talkdesk enterprise cloud contact center solutions as the foundation for its outstanding customer experience,” said Tiago Paiva, chief executive officer, Talkdesk. “Today’s forward-thinking enterprise organizations like HOUST are making customer experience a competitive advantage with Talkdesk and transforming their contact centers to keep pace with customer demand.”

The seasonal nature of the hospitality industry brings significant seasonal inbound traffic spikes, which HOUST must quickly compensate for to maintain optimal service levels. With real-time reporting through Talkdesk Reporting & Analytics, HOUST will have the crucial business intelligence they need to react instantly by activating new agents and look ahead to set proper service levels with advanced forecasting. With comprehensive reporting and customizable API-based dashboards, HOUST will have the ability to monitor and optimize its team’s performance and positively impact customer satisfaction.

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