Thunderhead announces Thunderbay: the first comprehensive AI for journey-driven engagement

Thunderhead, the global leader in enterprise technology for customer engagement and journey orchestration, announced the impending launch of a new suite of journey-based AI capabilities named ThunderBay.

Speaking at the event, Thunderhead’s Chief Product Officer, Ray Gerber, revealed that over the past three years the company has been investing heavily in its AI strategy and has developed a new set of ground-breaking journey and customer behaviour analytics for Marketers and CX practitioners.

ThunderBay provides a unique platform for brands to use the power of AI to analyze customer journeys at scale and then seamlessly activate the results with richer and more relevant orchestration at every journey touchpoint, both digital and off-line. Brands will now be able to automate the analysis of billions of individual customer journeys, and build audiences, data sets and predictive models from customer insights based on real-time journey behaviour. Importantly, ThunderBay can incorporate additional external sources of insight, enabling brands to take full advantage of all their customer information assets.

ThunderBay is a radically new approach to the analysis of customer behavior and addresses the issue of time and path dependence of customer events across each unique journey, and represents a major departure from traditional analytics approaches. The interdependency between events, context, history, time and path requires new methods of analytics and learning. ThunderBay solves this problem, and is designed to enable the deep analysis of customer events and data, streamed in real-time at the fingertips of marketers and CX practitioners, providing a much deeper understanding of the way in which customers are interacting with their brands across touchpoints and journeys.

Fully available in Q2 2020, ThunderBay will be seamlessly integrated with Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub, the world’s leading Journey Orchestration platform, which leverages this unique source of customer intelligence to further enhance contextually relevant journeys, driving stronger customer engagement and trust, and maximizing life-time value. The ONE Engagement Hub has proven value with large enterprises in over 14 industry verticals, including recently a number of high-profile US and European sports brands where demand for ONE for fan engagement and intelligence spreads.

R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst and Founder, Constellation Research, commented, “The market for customer journey orchestration and analytics has really come to the fore in the last 18 months. These platforms are now the must-have technology for customer-focussed brands. Brands and enterprises seek to improve the end-to-end customer experience and build enduring customer relationships based on trust. Strong tools in orchestration enable the understanding and management of every aspect of customer journey behavior, and leverages that intelligence to ensure that every customer interaction is unique and contextually relevant – the essence of ambient experience. It’s a tough nut to crack and customers seek experienced vendors who have proven they can deliver with scale and ease of use.”

Thunderhead CEO Glen Manchester said, “The customer journey has always been central to our thinking and Journey Orchestration and Analysis is the new frontier. The era of product-centric marketing, with its siloed personalization and channels, is over. As industry bodies such as the IAB, and leading analysts such as Constellation Research, Gartner, Forrester, and IDC, make very clear, the future is in ‘moments-based marketing’ driven by a holistic understanding of each customer and their individual journeys. CDPs and their ilk won’t deliver this, and point solutions such as personalization engines will be subsumed into the omnichannel journey orchestration layer. With ThunderBay, we’ve used our expertise in journeys, AI and UX design to develop a ground-breaking and unique source of customer intelligence. Ask ThunderBay about customer outcomes and it will provide the answers, taking the performance of brands – and our market-leading ONE Engagement Hub – to even greater heights.”