Stella Connect Releases Industry’s Most Powerful Integrated Contact Center QA Solution

Stella Connect, a fast-growing, disruptive provider of SaaS Customer Experience and Contact Center quality management solutions, announced that it has released a new quality assurance (QA) product for CX teams.

Stella Connect is the only solution on the market to combine customer feedback, coaching, and now QA into a single, unified platform. This new approach makes the QA process more actionable, allowing management to effectively coach agents and drive improvement of frontline teams.

Stella Connect is unique in taking this integrated approach to improving customer experience by consolidating QA with customer feedback. By running the QA process in real-time and providing coaching immediately after any customer interaction, Stella Connect makes customer feedback more actionable than ever. The clean and simple interface also makes QA efficient and easy to complete, removing data silos. Contact centre managers are now able to streamline their internal processes and drive significant improvement in frontline team performance.

Customers who have had early access to the new QA tool have reported significant results. “The improvement to our agent performance from using this QA tool to unify what has previously been a siloed and manual QA process has been phenomenal,” said Miles Dunn, Director of Support at “In the first two months of using the QA tool, we’ve already seen a nearly 10% increase in Customer Satisfaction and a 25% bump in QA scores, combined with a 5x efficiency gain on the number of audits we could get through. Before Stella Connect, we were auditing about 4 to 4.5 percent of all of our service interactions. Now, our audit numbers have jumped to 22 percent of interactions, all with the same team size.”

“We started Stella Connect with the vision of unlocking the vast potential of millions of frontline employees to better serve customers. The overwhelming success of our feedback and coaching tools show that we tapped into a deep customer need,” said Stella Connect CEO and Co-founder, Jordy Leiser. “The addition of this powerful new QA module now allows our customers to streamline their contact centre processes, while driving real-time performance improvements.”

“Our investment in and partnership with Stella is an endorsement of the company’s vision to improve the performance and job satisfaction of the critical customer-facing employees who make up a company’s frontline. Happy employees yield happy customers,” said Ben Barclay, VP, Corporate Development and Technology Alliances at Zendesk.

About Stella Connect

Stella Connect is the first platform that connects customer feedback, QA, and coaching, giving CX leaders visibility into performance and driving improvement of front-line teams.

Brands using Stella Connect include Williams-Sonoma, ESPN, Earnin, and hundreds more across industries. Stella Connect is headquartered in New York City.

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