airBaltic improves Facebook Messenger chatbot

Latvian airline airBaltic has further improved its Facebook Messenger chatbot, by adding an option for passengers to send their travel itinerary from their profile on airBaltic website to the Facebook Messenger.

Martin Gauss, CEO of airBaltic: “airBaltic is known globally for its innovative services. In February 2019 we introduced chatbot for our Facebook Messenger account. So far over 10 000 unique users have used it, benefitting from even faster and more efficient customer service. With the chatbot, we can reduce the response time from an average of 15 minutes to just a few seconds.”

The airBaltic chatbot provides such services as answers to the most frequently asked questions about baggage and booking management, as well as introducing users to airBaltic destinations and receiving travel itinerary from the passenger’s profile on airBaltic website. The customer is able to contact a human customer service specialist at any time.