Maintel launches Chatbot as a Service solution

Maintel, the UK leader in cloud and managed IT services, has launched the AI-powered ICON Contact Chatbot to meet the growing needs of clients to digitally transform customer experience. The company’s offer includes deployment, management and optimisation services for businesses as a combined cloud and enablement offer.

Maintel’s ICON Contact Chatbot provides organisations with the ability to enhance their websites, and customer service, through the use of an AI-based conversational chatbot that integrates with their existing contact centre platform.

The chatbot, which utilises machine learning and Natural Language Processing technology, operates as a digital agent, allowing customers to self-serve – improving both the customer experience and business efficiency. It operates 24/7, helping extend the business hours of customer services at 30x less cost than using traditional contact centre channels.

The ICON Contact Chatbot was developed in-house at the Maintel Technology Centre in Fareham, Hampshire. It is being sold ‘as a Service’ and will be reviewed, updated and refined throughout its lifetime, in order to provide the best service possible without the need for the businesses to invest heavily in their own skills development.

It is compatible with several leading contact centre platforms and services, including:

  • ICON Contact with Callmedia
  • Callmedia installed on-premise
  • ICON Contact with Avaya AACC
  • Avaya AACC installed on- premise
  • Operating standalone with no contact centre integration

Dan Davies, CTO at Maintel, commented: “As consumer demands alter and the business landscape evolves, companies must ensure they are delivering the very best customer service. The ICON Contact Chatbot can be a vital aid in achieving this, seamlessly integrating into contact centre solutions and operating as a digital agent that can handle enquiries 24-hours-a-day. Quite simply, it makes customer service faster, better and cheaper.

“Many businesses are exploring the deployment of chatbots but are finding they are expensive to develop in-house, or they have to work with multiple vendors to make the deployment possible. The ICON Contact Chatbot takes all those headaches away and comes as a complete service. Maintel will help businesses deploy and integrate the technology, and manage and optimise it on an ongoing basis, enabling our customers to deliver the very best customer service.”

About Maintel

Maintel is a cloud and managed services company with a focus on communications. Its people are experienced, trusted technology advisors, who improve their clients’ organisations through digital transformation.

Founded in 1991, Maintel has a proven track record of delivering communications solutions and services to both the private and public sector. In that time, the company has gained the expertise to solve the challenges associated with digital initiatives, and its managed services approach ensures clients realise the full value of their technology.

This is achieved by specialising in three key pillars of digital transformation: making organisations more effective, efficient, and collaborative with digital workplace solutions; allowing organisations to acquire, develop, and retain more business by using technology to create more meaningful customer experiences through outstanding service; ensuring organisations’ employees, customers, and partners always have seamless access to their data and applications through reliable, secure connectivity.

Ongoing growth of Maintel’s cloud and managed services offerings continues to allow the company to keep supporting the increasing demands of the market.

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