Customer Experience Research from Sabio Group Shows Significant Shift to Digital Channels and AI

Sabio Group unveiled the findings of its latest market survey that highlights how the COVID crisis has led to a period of pivotal change for businesses, employees and consumers. Driven by necessity, businesses condensed technology transformations from years to weeks and consumers switched to new, faster and more efficient, channels of engagement.

Covering actions and responses at the start of the crisis to opinions and direction in the present, the report offers insight from some of Europe’s leading businesses about the new path that CX leaders are taking.

Download Sabio’s report CX Realities 2020: The story of COVID-19 and how customer service responded

Key findings:

  • The threat of survival collectively shocked organisations into an action-oriented mindset
  • Business Continuity Planning did not encompass a crisis of this magnitude or speed
  • Move to online channels was huge, encompassing all age groups and channels
  • Changing perceptions of home working as a long-term viable option; with caveats
  • New ways to develop, motivate and retain employees will be required
  • Customer Experience will become a greater priority for most businesses

As a result of the pandemic undue caution has been replaced with a powerful can-do attitude. New capability has been rapidly tested and proven. The recent distance travelled in becoming a digital first business has rejuvenated belief in that outcome. Long standing beliefs about where people work and how they are managed have received a much needed make over. Commitment to the right generation of infrastructure for being a digital first business has accelerated.

CX Realities 2020: The story of COVID-19 and how customer service responded is based on in-depth phone interviews and online survey responses from countries including the UK, Spain, France and Singapore. CIOs, ICT specialists, sales, CX, customer service and contact centre directors, and heads of operational support all contributed to the research.

Sabio Group, which includes Sabio, Dvelp, flexAnswer and Coverage Group, delivers solutions and services that combine digital and human interactions to support customer experiences. Through its own technology and that of technology leaders including Avaya, Genesys, Verint, Twilio and Google, Sabio Group helps to optimise customer journeys by making better decisions across multiple contact channels. The group works with major brands worldwide.