Unbabel introduces new Self-Service and Quality Intelligence options to enable greater accessibility to LangOps

Unbabel, the AI-powered Language Operations (LangOps) platform that helps businesses deliver multilingual customer experience at scale, announced Unbabel Self-Service.

The free 14-day trial solution gives anyone access to Unbabel’s full capabilities, and enables them to quickly and easily set up translation pipelines using AI combined with human editors, request translations, and integrate with Zendesk within 5 minutes. Unbabel also announced free public access to its Quality Intelligence solution enabling anyone to receive a demo using Unbabel’s industry-leading quality estimation technology.

The rise of ecommerce and increased globalization has presented new challenges for companies to provide customer service experiences across multiple languages, with 65% of customers preferring content in their own language. Unbabel’s AI-powered LangOps platform enables brands to provide high-quality customer experiences in every language with real-time translation and localization for chat and email customer support.

“This is an exciting time for AI as ChatGPT and other recent innovations have demonstrated the power of AI and its ability to make us more efficient. Unbabel has been harnessing this power through our machine translation and quality estimation AI technology to eliminate language barriers and enable brands to deliver positive customer experiences in any language,” said João Graça, CTO, Unbabel. “We’re excited to make our technology more accessible with these new free options. This is a key step towards our goal of breaking down language barriers in CX and providing the world’s translation layer.”

With the introduction of Unbabel’s Self-Service trial and Quality Intelligence demo, both businesses and the general public can benefit from features including:

  • Setting up translation requests that utilize a combination of Unbabel’s AI-powered LangOps solutions and team of translators.
  • Enabling Zendesk agents to deliver a multilingual customer experience by utilizing Unbabel’s Zendesk integration.
  • Access to Unbabel’s award-winning quality estimation AI-technology developed using reams of human input data – both from corrections and evaluations – to predict the quality of every translation.

Full setup support from Unbabel’s team to ensure success.

Unbabel’s LangOps technology is used to support multilingual customer experiences across several industries. Sign up for beta-access to Unbabel Self-Service here or try out Unbabel’s Quality Intelligence demo here.

About Unbabel

Unbabel empowers enterprises that are seeking to conquer new markets to deliver multilingual customer support at scale. The company’s award-winning Language Operations (LangOps) platform blends advanced artificial intelligence with human editors for fast, cost-effective, high-quality translations that get smarter over time. Unbabel integrates seamlessly into existing workflows within all major CRM systems, including Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshworks, and Intercom, to make your customer service agents instantly multilingual. This enables businesses to provide exceptional experiences to customers in their native language, anywhere they are in the world.

With headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal, and hubs spanning the globe, Unbabel facilitates multilingual customer service interactions in more than 130 language pairs for leading brands such as Facebook, Microsoft, Booking.com, Panasonic, Logitech, and more.

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