Predictika Poised to Revolutionize Customer Experience Everywhere

Predictika, a global leader of technology inside customer-focused chatbots and virtual assistants, has been granted a exclusive, broad based Artificial Intelligence (AI) patent poised to revolutionize the industry.

The patent will empower the worldwide Predictika team to greatly accelerate their leading edge work in refining conversational AI for voice and text based virtual assistants and chatbots. This will allow enterprises to conversationally engage with their customers anywhere, anytime, and on any digital or voice platform, from workplaces, schools, grocery stores, restaurants – basically wherever people engage business, commerce, and each other.

“Our team is driven to make life better, and to make the right things easy to do,” says Predictika Founder and CEO Dr. Sanjay Mittal. “To be acknowledged and trusted with this exclusive patent will allow our global staff to dramatically increase implementation of our game changing technology.”

Inside the exclusive patent

US Patent # 11,544,475 B2, titled “System and method for providing a model-based intelligent conversational agent” was granted on January 3, 2023 to Dr. Mittal and Predictika Lead AI Scientist Dr. Awhan Patnaik, whose team developed the technology and software. Predictika has also filed follow-on patents that broaden the claim set and include new inventions such as for sentiment analysis in customer support interactions.

Key features and benefits of Predictika’s patents and software include:

Declarative task model is used to automatically learn the grammar for parsing natural language utterances without having to explicitly train on a large set of tagged sentences, leading to better coverage and accuracy of natural language understanding by Virtual Assistants.

Grammar learned from the task model can also be used to understand utterances that contain multiple intents and entities. This allows users to make multiple requests in a single utterance – more like real time human conversations.

Unstructured multi-turn dialog between human users and virtual assistants, where the conversation has a back-and-forth flow and the previous question’s context informs the next question. Furthermore, both parties have the ability to ask questions or direct the conversation flow at any time.

Human users can ignore Virtual Assistant questions and ask their own questions, completely skip questions, or answer with their own extra information or queries, ending frustrating, rigid, decision-tree dialog found in most Virtual Assistant systems.

Ability to maintain unlimited amount of context so human users can change the flow of conversations any number of times without Virtual Assistants losing track of the task, enabling and supporting a flexible, unstructured conversation.

Explanation of decisions made by Virtual Assistants allowing human users to understand the logic employed.

Human choices automatically revised by Virtual Assistants so users don’t have to start from the beginning of the conversation every time they want to make a change.

Supports text and voice based user interactions and across a wide range of platforms so there is no need to build separate solutions for different platforms or interaction modes.

Predictika technology and how it relates to ChatGPT

ChatGPT, a generative AI software from OpenAI created a tremendous buzz in the industry. Many hope ChatGPT may be the basis for enterprise deployment of intelligent virtual agents. Whatever the future holds, Predictika’s teams are committed to working on innovative solutions that can integrate with ChatGPT as needed, or that can be a stand-alone solution to meet global needs of diverse customers.

Predictika is also making its patents and software available for licensing so everyone in the industry can benefit from our technology. Predictika’s new patent will greatly accelerate innovation.

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About Predictika

Predictika is a Fremont, California, based startup doing pioneering work in conversational AI. Brought to you by an experienced team of PhDs in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Science and a founder who is also an accomplished AI technologist and successful entrepreneur, Predictika is developing and improving the next generation AI platform featuring truly conversational virtual assistants.