Vervent Expands Contact Centre Offerings With Smiles on Demand Acquisition

Vervent announced the acquisition of Smiles on Demand, a high-performance BPO organization in the Philippines, today, taking another step in continuing to expand their highly successful contact centre and servicing business.

This addition to Vervent’s contact centres will add more scale for their clients and more customer support via expanded hours and increased staffing for voice and non-voice contact work. The Smiles on Demand acquisition also adds a framework for more traditional customer service work outside the highly regulated and technical financial servicing space that Vervent has traditionally worked in.

Vervent has had exceptional success over the last three years despite the pandemic and adverse industry and macroeconomic trends. They have managed continued growth of their core servicing business and robust expansion of their credit card business through acquisitions and the launch of several new programs designed to open access for underserved consumers.

“Bringing Smiles On Demand into the Vervent family of companies is exciting in that it continues to expand Vervent’s position in the customer service space,” said Stephanie Jimenez, President of Vervent. “This allows us to maximize the deep customer service expertise of our team across new industries while also enhancing support for our clients and their customers. It’s a win-win.”

Smiles on Demand will continue offering first-rate service support with a primary focus in the hospitality, quick-delivery and medical industries across the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Their solution-oriented customer representative teams are standing by to help reduce cost, complexity, and risk with flexible, go-to-market service solutions for your business. To learn more about Smiles on Demand, please email us.

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