IntouchCX Begins Innovation Research Partnership With University Of Galway

IntouchCX, a global leader in contact centre and technology solutions, has partnered with the University of Galway to collaborate on research and innovation for mental health and well-being in the workplace by integrating the University’s Lua Health technology.

Lua Health’s technology is designed to reduce stress and improve employees’ day-to-day well-being by identifying mental health related issues early. The technology will be integrated within Superpunch Care, IntouchCX’s latest innovative offering, and will be an active chat feature in its employee engagement app, Superpunch.

Both IntouchCX and the Lua Health team will explore whether employee well-being issues can be addressed more effectively with proactive interventions, leveraging each of the innovative technology solutions.

This partnership reinforces IntouchCX’s commitment to setting a new standard in the customer experience industry through innovation and technology to foster positive employee engagement and well-being.

“Superpunch Care is the latest innovation to our incredible employee experience platform and elevates well-being accessibility for our associates around the world,” said Paula Kennedy Garcia, EVP Global Innovation and Product Strategy at IntouchCX. “Designing a digital-first solution speaks to the engagement preferences of our workforce, with AI intelligence that recommends personalized resources at a time that matters most to them. Our teams are really excited about this new innovation, which is perfect synergy for our strong Culture of Care and we are delighted to partner in research with Lua Health to explore the growing challenge that businesses face today.”

The privacy-aware software from Lua Health can measure and enable an individual to manage their personal well-being. Most individuals ignore signs of stress until it reaches a crisis point, at which stage it is hard to treat and ends up costing both the organization and the individual. Lua Health’s proprietary AI algorithm identifies signs of stress at the earliest stages and helps guide employees to appropriate scientifically backed treatments to stop the condition from escalating. The companies will enable this identification in multiple languages, maximizing global reach for employees.

“We have spoken to senior HR executives across the world as part of a customer discovery journey and they all told us that their biggest mental health challenge is getting their interventions to their employees at the right time,” said Dr. Mihael Arcan from the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics at the University of Galway. “People don’t know they need help until it’s too late.”

The research aims to explore innovative approaches to help employees understand their well-being in real-time, and know what resources and support is available to them. The software is powered by state-of-the-art natural language processing and machine learning.

Dr. Arcan, Fionn Delahunty and Kieran Fegan comprise the Lua Health team, which is supported by Enterprise Ireland through its commercialisation fund.

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