Kore.ai Launches AgentAssist for Zendesk Support

Kore.ai, the world’s leading enterprise conversational AI platform and solutions provider, announced the integration of its conversational AgentAssist with intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) automation for Zendesk, Inc Support.

This AI virtual assistant for contact centre agents expands the capabilities of Zendesk Support across digital channels by managing lead generation and sales processes through a conversational user experience.

AgentAssist can look up customer information from CRMs and other third-party systems at the start of a conversation on any channel, and provide call centre agents with context based on customer goals. The launch of AgentAssist for Zendesk Support will decrease average handling time and increase contact centre productivity via agent automation assistance, real time customer information, next-best-action suggestions, and automated case summaries.

Kore.ai IVAs recognise user intent, sentiment and tone through natural language understanding and contextual intelligence. AgentAssist provides next-best-action prompts to agents based on the intent detected or the stage of a conversation. The actions include buttons to trigger API calls, launch applications, or trigger a robotic process automation (RPA). AgentAssist can also carry out the needed transactions with customer accounts and CRM databases to enable seamless fulfilment of actions and automation.

The AgentAssist integration for Zendesk Support allows contact centre agents to respond to customers with greater speed and accuracy. This results in tangible benefits for businesses, namely dramatic cost savings, with agent assistance technology expected to save businesses up to $80 billion by 2026, according to Gartner.

AgentAssist can perform common tasks and transactions like balance transfers, book appointments, schedule field service, update policies, gather relevant customer information, and find and retrieve information from multiple systems. By automating these tasks with an AI virtual assistant, live agents will save valuable time and are able to focus on high value interactions such as upselling or cross-selling.

AgentAssist can easily integrate with enterprise CRM and other backend systems, launch applications for the agent, run RPA flows, and provide automated conversational suggestions to agents based on customer conversation history and intent.

Key Features of the Kore.ai Intelligent Virtual Assistant Platform

  • Leading Natural Language Processing (NLP) that yields the highest accuracy in measuring customer intent
  • Summarize customer conversations to speed up post-call wrap up and record keeping
  • Support for 100+ languages

The Kore.ai Intelligent AgentAssist integration for Zendesk Support is available now on the Zendesk marketplace at: https://www.zendesk.com/marketplace/apps/support/868403/koreai-agentassist/

About Kore.ai

Kore.ai has been a leading company in using conversational AI since our founding in 2014. More than 350 Fortune 2000 companies trust the Kore.ai experience optimization XO Platform and technology to automate their business interactions for over 100 million users worldwide to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Kore.ai has been recognized as a leader and an innovator by top analysts and ensures the success of its customers through a growing team headquartered in Orlando with offices in India, the UK, Japan, South Korea, and Europe.

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