Transcosmos, the Japanese group, seeks opportunities for expansion in France and other European market

In the fiscal year ending March 2022, transcosmos had a record annual turnover of 354,085 billion yen (€2,477 billion), up by 13.4% over 2021. Operating revenue increased by 45.6% reaching 25,846 billion yen (about €180 million) for the first time.

Operating in a new business environment since the Covid-19 crisis, transcosmos meets a growing need on the part of companies by offering them wide-ranging services that help them improve the customer experiences, such as the way in which contact centres and customer services operate together with digital marketing and e-commerce solution services.

Drawing on its position in Asia and its 19 European offices, transcosmos is planning to expand its activities in European markets in 2023. The company is prioritizing the French market for developing its services with regard to contact centres and digital marketing for companies involved in retail, e-commerce, consumer goods, IT, the IoT, and healthcare services.

“We have won the support of clients who operate worldwide and have received requests for us to expand our services in the European markets. Transcosmos’s services are already suited to the different local markets. We are aiming at increasing the share of revenue from foreign markets, enabling us to transform more swiftly into a global company” – Hiroki TANIGAWA, Corporate Executive Officer & Head of transcosmos’s Europe Business


Founded in 1966 by Koki Okuda, transcosmos is a Japanese group based in Tokyo that specialises in a variety of services to help clients realize cost optimisation and sales growth. It has developed numerous products and services in the fields of digital marketing, e-commerce, customer relations, and IT outsourcing. Transcosmos is quoted on the Tokyo stock exchange, is present in 28 countries, employs almost 69,000 staff and showed a turnover of €2.48 billion for the 2021/22 financial year. The group intends to expand its operations on European markets in 2023.