IntouchCX Partners With Modulate In The Fight Against Online Toxicity

IntouchCX, a global leader in contact centre and technology solutions, has partnered with Modulate to provide powerful live voice chat moderation tools for their gaming brand partners.

IntouchCX is the first BPO partner for Modulate and its product ToxMod, which is the only proactive voice-native moderation solution available today. Built on advanced AI and machine learning technology, and designed with player safety and privacy in mind, ToxMod enables studios to gain full visibility into the toxicity taking place inside their games and empowers Trust & Safety teams to moderate efficiently and effectively.

“Gaming is a rapidly growing industry with more than three billion gamers identified globally and, as gaming offerings expand across platforms and continue to evolve as a forerunner industry to the Metaverse, the lines between gaming and social continue to blur, and one of the largest areas to solve for will relate to trust and safety,” said Paula Kennedy Garcia, EVP, Global Innovation and Product Strategy. “As our global gaming practice continues to grow at pace, ToxMod will ensure player experience for our gaming partners is a more positive and inclusive online space and is a strategic addition that differentiates our offerings in the gaming ecosystem.”

ToxMod supports a number of game studios, ranging from independent studios to AAA developers and publishers. The technology sorts and flags bad behaviour in voice chat, analyses the nuances of individual conversations to determine toxicity, and enables moderators to respond to each incident by supplying relevant and accurate context. IntouchCX customers are now better equipped than ever to build safe and positive communities for their users.

“We’ve been impressed with IntouchCX’s commitment to player safety, and we’re glad to help their customers build safer game communities,” said Hank Howie, Game Industry Evangelist at Modulate. “With our ToxMod proactive voice moderation platform, game studios of all sizes can get visibility into the toxicity happening in their games and moderate voice chat efficiently and effectively.”

Modulate is IntouchCX’s latest partner in player safety. In February, IntouchCX joined the Fair Play Alliance, a global coalition of gaming professionals and companies committed to developing quality games and safe online communities and, more recently, has joined the Metaverse Standards Forum, a global industry initiative where leading standards organizations and companies cooperate to foster interoperability standards for an open metaverse.